• Barselc

    In my personal opinion. The last 4 episodes were fillers, but REALLY BAD fillers. I hated those 4 episodes. Everything that had happened the previous 20 incredibly awesome episodes was completely ignored and those 4 episodes had no sequence among them. Everything went all right in episode 21, we had Relpha with indignation over a prohibited magic that Roland was using to fight, then we get the beautiful fan service of Kiefer, the awesome opening and then, everything is lost.

    It turns out that Sion has a lot of paper work because of Ryner's fault, who got into the kingdom with no problem at all, everyone forgot he was an Alpha Stigma bearer, and even when only Sion soldiers saw him, we get that the news had spread around a little, enough for…

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  • Barselc


    July 5, 2012 by Barselc

    I am a person known to "think a lot," sometimes, more than what I should. I think about absolutely everything that I do, I did, I should do, why to do it, things I see, things I hear, and pretty much everything there is.

    Stories are a BIG part of my life, I am ever inspired by stories in movies, animes, mangas, videogames, books, history and else. I rate the things I perceive according to 3 criteria: Story, Sequence of Events, and Presentation. Let me explain.

    • Story: It is the objective of the main character; the objective of the villain; the ideas, concepts, and philosophy present in the creation; the personal story of the characters; and everything else I am forgetting to say now (to be edited in the future). A few examples:
    Simple plot: The…

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