• The opening scene is taken from OKYD Vol. 5. The scenes are longer and more extreme in the novel than in the anime
• After killing his parents, Lucile’s thoughts are revealed in OKYD Vol. 5 Chapter 3 Lucile almost devoured Ferris as well, but he controlled himself.


*Each quote is numbered so that conversations can be grouped together

1. Lucile: "....I'm sure the feeling that I hold for you is love, Ferris."
Ferris: "Brother? Brother loves me?"
Lucile: "Of course. You're my precious sibling. And I think father and mother - and even Iris - love you…I see. Ferris is great."
Ferris: "Hmm? Am I being praised?"
Lucile: ", you are being loved."

2. While Lucile devoured his father: "Haha. You call yourself a genius with this level of strength? In the beginning comes destruction. And in the end comes reconstruction....destruction...reconstruction...destruction...reconstruction...destruction...reconstruction...destruction...reconstruction...destruction...reconstruction.....he,hehe......he...hahaha....ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha"

3. Lucile: "'s nothing to fear anymore, Ferris. Everything is over. I'll protect you from now on."

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