The Taboo Breaker Pursuit Squadron is a squadron designed for pursuing Taboo Breakers. It is commanded by major Miller and led by lieutenant Milk.

Her four male underlings (Lach, Lear, Luke, & Moe) refer to her as "captain" (taichou). They live in the Taboo Breaker Pursuit Squadron Official Residence.

Quoted PassagesEdit

*quoted from Densetsu no Yusha no Densetsu: Volume 2

1. “Even though it was like that, Milk and her companions’ mission was important in maintaining the power between countries. Protecting the secret of magic… Every country’s magic was different. How was it activated? What was used as its medium? Was there a need to recite the spell? Or was there a magic circle to be drawn? Everything was different… If their magic’s secrets were known by other countries, then it was the same as saying that the other countries would know about the Roland Empire’s military power, national power and everything else. If that happened, then war would start easily and in the worst case scenario, the Roland Empire would be wiped out. So the duty of Milk and her team was especially important.
If a ‘Taboo Breaker’ escaped, just only this, a war could erupt and cause many people to die. The mission of killing their ex-comrades… Their mission was entangled with danger. The risk was especially high if they had to venture into countries that were unable to help them to catch these people who could work with magic. The real elite…noble-born people would never work in this environment. But for the sake of protecting the happiness of their country, friends, family and companions… Even though they would be hurt, even though they would have to work hard- even though they would be sad… This was something that needed to be done by someone. This was the duty they had.

2. “The ‘Taboo Breaker’ Pursuit Squad. That was one of the most hated squads. They were to capture or kill the ‘Taboo Breakers’ who had escaped the country on their own—their past comrades. The squad that was in charge of such a mission would be one of the toughest ones in this era without a war. Also, they would be working in other lands, dangerous when considering that they wouldn’t have the assistance of the Roland Empire. Also, they would have those who were called ‘Taboo Breakers’ as opponents, those who learned the powerful magics of the Roland Empire.
Also… The squad that often partook in death…the ‘Taboo Breaker’ Pursuit Squad was often looked down on by the other squads, and derogatorily called ‘Ally Killers’… That was why the children of nobles would definitely never be assigned to that place. Those gathered over there were orphans who had ability but had no one to rely on…”
{Based on Baka-Tsuki Translations}