He is a member of the Estabul army who first appeared in DYD Vol. 6 Chapter 2.


According to Claugh he is not yet 20 years old with thick, curly blue hair. His physical abilities are good enough to earn him a title of Second Lieutenant in the Roland army.


Like most of Estabul’s people, he loves Princess Noa Ehn, and he will gladly do anything for her. This makes him a little hotheaded and reckless at times.


DYD Vol. 6Edit

He is one of Estabul’s “talented people” who comes to Claugh for a chance to serve in the joint Estabul-Roland army. When he hears Claugh teasing Princess Noa, he cries out that he would “kill him”. Claugh defeats him when he attacks, but he immediately gives Namhen the position of Second Lieutenant in the Roland Army. At first he was shocked that Roland would allow foreigners in their ranks. However, once he’s assured of the truth, he rushes out to tell other people who want to enter the newly formed army under Claugh.



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