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The captain of one of the Roland taboo hunter teams. She made a promise with Ryner many years ago in their orphanage to marry him. Ryner, of course, doesn't remember this.

She was then sold to a noble's house soon after. She dislikes Ferris, but is willing to put up with her because she makes Ryner happy. Milk is actually the reincarnation of one of "The Goddesses" of fate that fell in love with the demon lord "The Lonely Demon" thousands of years ago.

Milk is not aware that Ryner's activity is actually an order from Sion, and believes that Ferris is the person forcing Ryner to break the rules. However, she is aware that Ryner is an Alpha Stigma bearer.


Sion’s Thoughts about Milk: “She was one of the few survivors. And also, part of ‘his’ {Ryner} past… Milk. The cute face, the extremely large round eyes, the flaxen-colored ponytail, the petite body, She really looked…unreliable…It was really impossible to tell that she was someone who had outstanding grades and was undefeated when she led her forces in tactics and strategy lessons… Even if she was once ‘his’…” (*quoted from Densetsu no Yusha no Densetsu: Volume 2 {Based on Baka-Tsuki Translations})


• Milk was “bought” by the Callaud family at age 5 (DYD Vol. 2). Her number from the orphanage was #837.
• Based on DYD Vol. 3, she has the ability through training to dislocate all the joints in body except for the ones in her neck.
• Miller believes that Luke, Moe, Lach, and Lear are all under her “spell”. They would do anything to defend their princess.


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Young Ryner to Milk: “Do you understand? Grab my hand and don’t let go of it!” *episode 7/DYD Vol. 3
Young Milk: “But, you don’t have to mind. I am very happy. I feel that it’s not bad if Ryner kills me.” *DYD Vol. 3