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Lino Doue

Lino Doue

Eyes bearing the Lino Doue

The Lino Doue is able to devour the lives of humans. In addition, the bearers seem to have a lust for human flesh as well. One who uses the Lino Doue is able to absorb magic and mana from humans, due to the fact that the human body within the series uses magic in a mana based text. The Lino Doue seems to not have a point of insanity similar to Alpha Stigma, but the users have been shown to have an aggressive tendency , such as when Tiir Rumibul was facing the assault led by Claugh.  When a user of these eyes absorbs magic or the lives of people, they can regenerate their wounds and become stronger, though they can still be wounded or killed. The Lino Doue is one of the more rare stigmas.

Other StigmasEdit

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