Frauaude Manor is where the Froaude Family lives. It plays a big role in episode 12.

Miran’s Home
*quoted from Densetsu no Yusha no Densetsu: Volume 4
“The Akmer region was slightly north of Froaude’s capital, its geographic location, was closer to the neighboring country.
Because it was near to the allied country Runa, it was the reason that it was responsible for all dealings with Runa.
There was a piece of fertile land in that large territory…
But, because Roland was near the southern end of the Menoris Continent, the weather was warm, and it was steady for all four seasons, hence every district had fertile land…
And Froaude’s mansion was in the wealthy Akmer district.
No, compared to a mansion, it should be a small palace… or it should be more accurately a walled city.
Although the neighboring Runa was an allied country, but, if there was war between the two countries, Roland would use this as their fort, to defend against the Runa army.
So, the mansion that Kellar Froaude stayed in was quite secure.
But the interior designs were not simple; on the other hand they were colorful but graceful, filled with the tastes of the baron who was the second richest.”

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