Note: for the item itself, see Iino Doue crystal

Iino Doue is episode 17 of the series. The term translates to mean "Annihilation Eye" (殲滅眼(イーノ・ドゥーエ))

  • Original Airdate: October 28, 2010
  • First English Airdate: October 29, 2010


But at least I found what I came here for. A place that abounds in a very particular type of mythic figure, the so-called people of the magic eye; each on bearing a distinct symbol depending on the nature of their power. There's Ebra Crypt, which signifies the ability to appear into the dreams of another, Ino Doue, which is said to feast on life, and of course, proper Alpha Stigmas able to analyze, comprehend, and duplicate instantly whatever magic they encounter. There's also the Torch Curse and the Will Heim, both very powerful. As the record stands now, a total of five types of magic eye have been confirmed. At birth, Alpha Stigma bearers appear no different from ordinary human children. In short order though, it becomes clear that they possess a startling knack for discerning truth from falsehood, even as infants. The deeper architecture of reality lays itself bare before their gaze when all others see is only the surface of things. Magic comes naturally to them, but with this gift comes a price. Certain triggers send them spiraling out of control in throws of madness, they yearn to erase truth, to destroy reality. Once they've reached that point, an Alpha Stigma is forever lost to reason. And yet, Ryner came back from the abyss. What can that possibly mean? -Kiefer

My, aren't you a tasy looking morsel -Tiir

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