Plot SummaryEdit

The Great Housecleaning Banquet, Miran Froaude hosts a banquet to lure in Sion Astal's nobleman opposition at the Froaude family estate. He is greeted by his father, Karlal Froaude, prior to the start of the banquet. Once the banquet commences, Miran slaughters all the guests and his father with his ring, one of the Rule Fragments. He is then encountered by Ril Orla, who possesses a ring similar to Froaude's. The two engage in battle, very closely matched in power until Ril pulls out a Iino Doue crystal, resonates it, and flees. The crystal causes a massive explosion, consuming a good portion of the manor. Froaude nearly dies in the process, until reluctantly saved by Claugh Klom. Afterwards, Sui Orla and Kuu Orla force Runa Empire to ally with Gastark. Then, near the end of the episode, Ryner Lute and Ferris Eris meet a small girl, Kuku, who begs them to rescue her friend, an Alpha Stigma Arua.

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