Emirel Private ForcesEdit

*quoted from OKYD Vol. 1 Chapter 2

“Created under the will of the noble Count Echroid Emirel, a charity organization. Demolishing the wall between social classes, it gathers superior children and allows them to receive advanced training so that they may be brought up to serve this nation.
Those who graduate from the organization under the name of Count Emirel are able to gain high positions in Roland's army, become the highest of elites, obtain great power, and reach high levels of authority.
This power is for the sake of protecting this country.
This power is for the sake of protecting the people of this country.
Undefeated by the Special Institute #307, different from the private forces of other nobles, due to its high strength, this excellent organization continues to produce power for the sake of eternal happiness.
That is the Emirel Private Forces.”
“Steeped white hair, eyes that dazzled with greed. A man with a tall and thin body who seemed to be in his forties. Donned in unsuitably fancy clothes. He was clearly Count Emirel.”

{Based on Baka-Tsuki Translations}