Volume 7 - The Truth behind the Disappearance


The story continues from DYD Vol. 6 (the chapters are listed as 4, 5, and 6.). The scenes from the anime’s episodes (Episode 16, Episode 17, and Episode 18) overlap. Major differences will be listed below.

Quick Facts/TriviaEdit

Intermission: Ryner’s dream in Episode 18’s beginning is actually a repressed memory. The dialogue is extended in the novel.

Chapter 4: “But that was an illusion”. Ryner wakes up and talks to himself about the dream. (The following is not in the anime): Ferris comes into his room and questions him about his conversation with Lucile. Ryner replies that Lucile asked him to take care of her. He also discusses Sion’s requesting them to accompany him to Estabul. Ferris replies that they should escape to Cassla (This scene takes place at the end of Episode 16 in the Eris Family’s mansion’s garden.). Ryner tells Ferris he agrees with her plan. However, the next day, he doesn’t meet Ferris at the rendezvous point. She heads to Ryner’s room on the second flood of the inn, but he’s not there.

The scene shifts to Sion working in his room. He has decided to entrust the domestic affairs to Calne. Ferris bursts into the room by slicing down the door. Although Sion jokes with her, he quickly realizes she’s angry. She tells him Ryner’s gone. Sion’s thoughts do not match his words (he is exceedingly hurt on the inside, but he remains calm in front of Ferris). Ferris then explains everything.

Episode 17’s scene: Sion angrily questions Lucile, but he doesn’t respond. He asks Ferris if she can tell if Lucile is present, but she replies she cannot. A young, blond haired man-Robert- brings Sion a letter from Claugh. Ferris snatches it from Sion. Although she thinks the “Alpha Stigma bearer” mentioned in the letter is Ryner, Sion reassures her that it isn’t—the time stamp doesn’t match at all. (In the anime, Calne brings this report.)

Sion then tells Ferris to find Ryner—she can use Eslina and Calne as her subordinates. Sion declares that he’ll head to Estabul and sends for Calne and Eslina.

Chapter 5: “An illusion I couldn’t reach no matter how hard I wished.” Claugh, Bayuuz White, and Shuss Shirazz are outside the Belt Village. A scene takes place with these three characters. Everything proceeds according to Shuss’s “plan” to gain the trust of the Estabul soldiers. Although it’s slightly different in the novel, the rest proceeds just like the anime—Tiir attacks the army. When Claugh faces him, he is defeated, but Bayuuz and Shuss get him to safety.

Kiefer’s story continues; she is in Grenslade, Gastark’s capital. After conversing with Refal Edia, she decides to “use” him—once she gets the information she needs, she will run away. (The anime’s scene in episode 17 is brief, and the “old man” in charge of the library is also not present).

Chapter 6: “Because you are already cursed”: This chapter’s scene takes place at a smaller scale in the anime (Episode 18). The novel’s scene is much longer and more played out.

First scene: Lucile talks to Ferris; she questions him about Ryner. After they talk for a while, he leaves her when he says a “guest” has arrived (The guest is Eslina with news about Ryner).

Second scene: Flashback: This event takes place before Eslina arrives at the Eris mansion. Calne and Eslina are waiting together on a side road in the city. Eslina’s thoughts are discussed after Calne exclaims that he is delighted to be working for such a beautiful lady as Ferris Eris. Plus, they are waiting for news from his men.

Once they meet the men, however, Lear Rinkal easily defeats them—then he faces Calne. After exchanging blows, they both realize they are evenly matched. Lear doesn’t believe Calne at first (Calne claims that he is working under Sion’s orders)—furthermore, he wants to know where Milk Callaud is. After cornering Calne, Lear threatens to kill Eslina. Calne retorts that he would never let him touch her. Seeing his resolve, Lear releases him. Formal introductions are politely exchanged, and Lear further expresses his worries. Nevertheless, Lear is able to remove their worries because he knows where Ryner Lute is. Calne immediately orders Eslina to report the news to Ferris.

Present: Eslina gives the news to Ferris. Not in the anime: Ferris orders Croselli (who is on standby because of the situation) to get her a map. He immediately produces one; she looks at the route Ryner is taking to Estabul and sets out herself.

Once she leaves, Croselli thanks Eslina for relieving Ferris’s worries. Eslina thinks to herself that she foolish for being jealous of Ferris Eris.

Scene shifts to Ryner; it is taking him longer than usual to get to Estabul because he is moving slowly and leisurely. Once he arrives at an inn, he stays there. The following scene is not in the anime: Ryner’s thoughts and money problems are discussed. (His thoughts about money problems are only mentioned in the preview for episode 18 at the end of episode 17.) In Episode 18 when Ferris arrives, Ryner is the only one in the inn aside from the landlord and his wife. Ferris and Ryner’s “comical discussion” takes place; the couple leaves them alone at this point.

Then Tiir Rumibul arrives after killing the couple and a customer. The scene proceeds almost identically to the anime with some exceptions—some dialogue is omitted. When the arrows are fired at Tiir, Ferris drags Ryner out of the inn and gets him to Sion.

Three major differences now follow: 1. Claugh is present in this scene with Sion. Sion instructs Shuss Shirazz to take him away so he can concentrate on defeating Tiir. 2. There is a little more banter among Ferris, Ryner, and Sion before Tiir takes Ryner away. 3. Ferris reaches her hand out to Ryner, but (unlike the anime) he brushes it away.

After Ryner leaves, the scene proceeds similar to the anime. Finally, ten days later, Ferris sets out to get Ryner.


  • Each quote is numbered so that conversations can be grouped together

1. Ryner: "... I really am an idiot,"
Ferris: "Mm-hmm. You're always an idiot. Did you only notice just now?"

2. Ryner (about Ferris): "... You're a really interesting person, aren't you... Seriously... you're a really interesting person, huh? Even though there were a lot of troublesome things about it, going on a journey with you for a while was kind of fun."

3. Ferris: "To defy the impossible is the true way of the dango."

4. Ferris: "You must be growing to understand the way of the dango! Then I had best prepare fourteen packs without delay..."

5. Sion: "Yes, welcome. It's been a while. Could I ask why, even though we're reuniting for the first time in a while, you felt the need to slice apart the door?"
Ferris: "Because I'm angry."
Sion: "Because you're angry, you cut down the door?"
Ferris: "... Not here either?"
Sion: "... Ah, um... just what exactly are you talking about? I would prefer it if you could explain the situation."
Ferris: "Ryner has disappeared."

6. Ferris: "It seems that with Brother... that he'd met with Lucile."
Sion: "Lucile! What did you do?"

7. Sion: "Honestly, where has Ryner gone to now of all times?"
Sion: "Ferris. I'll be going to Estabul straightaway. I can't allow Claugh or the Alpha Stigma bearer to die. I'll leave commanding Ryner's search party to you. As soon as you find him, bring him to Estabul."

8. Calne (to Ferris): "Uwa!? What a beauty! I have no problems with working with a beauty like this, Sion-san. Hurray. I love you, Sion-san!"
Eslina:"Ehh—!? Ah... wha... that may be true... b-but... r-right now, I really hate you, Calne-san!"

9. Shuss: "... I've been patient up until now on Field Marshal Claugh's orders, but if that was an insult towards the Field Marshal, who's of higher ranking..."
Bayuuz: "If it was, what are you going to do about it?"
Shuss: "I won't allow it."
Claugh: "Hey, hey, Shuss. Don't mind him. He's just tired."

10. Claugh: "Shuss! If you dare insult Estabul again, you'll be punished!"
Shuss: "... Ah, guh... uu... M-My apologies, Your Excellency, Field Marshal Claugh Klom..."

Bayuuz: "... Huh. Your subordinate is the same as you—a detestable fellow."
Claugh: "I'll take that as a compliment?"
Bayuuz: "... I would rather die than do anything that makes you happy,"
Claugh: "Well, thanks you to going along with Shuss's plan despite having figured it out halfway through, we've united the soldiers."
Bayuuz:"Of course. It was all thanks to me."
Claugh: "All of it!?"
Bayuuz: "... Mm-hmm. Well, if it weren't for my provocation, I wouldn't have been able to evaluate Shuss's abilities. It seems that Roland is also fairly capable. I acknowledge that."
Claugh: "Oh, then, will you work together with Roland..."
Bayuuz: "However, Claugh Klom. You're the exception—good for absolutely nothing! I said it plainly: you're a hindrance. A complete hindrance!"
Claugh: "A complete hindrance, am I... even though I was putting on a pretty good act, hitting Shuss right up until the end..."
Bayuuz: "Regardless of whether you hit your subordinate or not, you're the cancer that, for Roland and Estabul's relationship, deceived our goddess, Princess Noa. Hurry up and disappear."

11. Tiir: "It's you... Ahh. You've seem to grown to be rather delicious."
Claugh: "You remember me, huh!? Then, as you regret not killing me back then, die!"

As Bayuuz finished chanting, he lifted his head, as light in the shape of an undefined dog-like being took the form of a beast.

13. Tiir to Claugh and Bayuuz White: "I consume power... and unleash it!"

14. Tiir: "Victory? Aren't you foolish livestock, for thinking that you could kill your predator?"

15. Tiir: "Ah... Ahhh... How truly... truly glad I am that I left you alone back then! Amazing. I'm filled with power. With this, with this... With this, I could kill each and every last person here at once, with no traces left..."

16. Shuss: "R-Right now, I'll treat your wounds. I'll save you, no matter what. I won't let you be killed, no matter what, Claugh-san."
Claugh: "Let go... of me, Shuss."
Shuss: "I'm not listening to your orders right now!"

17. Claugh to Shuss: "... Hurry up and escape. I can't get away. You should know that by now, right? I didn't train you up until now to be a man who can't remember to take advantage of the situation. Escape. Those are my orders."
Shuss: "L-Like I said, I'm not listening to your orders anymore..."
Claugh: "Those are my orders. If you won't listen, you'll be no more."
Shuss: "Damn it... Damn it..."
Claugh: "... Well, give my regards to Sion... and to Noa..."
Bayuuz: "Idiot. Who'd want to tell Lady Noa anything from someone as filthy as you? But even if a guy like you were to die, our kind Lady Noa would be sad. So I'll save you."
Claugh (watching the soldiers face Tiir again)"They're a bunch of damn fools..."
Bayuuz: "Yeah. Including you, Roland's nothing but a bunch of fools. Honestly, it makes me sick. To lose in popularity to you honestly makes me sick. It makes me sick. It makes me sick. It makes me sick."

Bayuuz: How about it, Shuss-kun? How about you stop being this man's subordinate and become mine instead? You're not too bad. You're different from that idiot Claugh; you seem considerably competent. I like a guy with talent. More than a useless, stupid blockhead who bleeds everywhere..."

18. Reference Book from Gastark:
- When they're born, their appearance is no different from that of human children.
- For whatever reason, a five-star pentacle design appears in their eyes as they become Alpha Stigma bearers.
- It seems that these eyes can clearly see the truth of the world. By reading the compositions in the air, they immediately understand all magic.
- For whatever reason, they go berserk. The collapse of the truth. They attempt to erase the composition of all.'
- Once they go berserk, an Alpha Stigma bearer cannot return to how they were before.

19. Refal Edea: "I... have no intention of killing you. The same goes for torture. Kiefer, if I intended to kill you, then I would've done so in that place from the beginning. So relax, Kiefer. Are you relieved now?"

20. Refal: "Well, most of what's written there is old terminology, so I'll explain without you having to read it. We've confirmed that from the start, of the Cursed Eye monsters, there've only been five types..."
So, the difficultly of hunting these monsters... Well, I should explain in order...
In order of weakest to strongest,
Torch Curse
Alpha Stigma
Ebra Crypt
For these, well, encountering them isn't a problem.
Will Heim
Iino Doue
These two are a bit troublesome..."

21. Ryner: "Uhehehehe. I'm leaving you. I'm not gonna meet up with you. It's way too troublesome. I'm gonna run away by myself, go after women in the neighbouring country, and take some afternoon naaaaaaaaaaaaaps!"

22. Ferris: "I'm coming after you, you damn idiot Ryner. If I find you, I'll kill you without fail."

23. Ferris: "... Have you been watching this entire time?"
Lucile: "Always. Ever since you were young, Ferris, I've always... always been watching you."
Ferris: "Brother."
Lucile: "What is it?"
Ferris: "What did you do to Ryner?"
Lucile: "I merely warned him that I wouldn't want him making any passes at my younger sister."
Lucile: "Oh? What is this? Are you glaring at me? Ferris. That's a new expression. I haven't seen it before. Have you obtained a new emotion? And so again, you're becoming an adult, Ferris. Even though you were still small just before...Truly. To see my beloved sister gradually grow gladdens me, yet makes me feel a bit lonely. Truly, it makes me feel lonely. That someday, you'll go somewhere my hands can't reach."
Ferris’s thoughts as she’s talking to Lucile: On that day, just what did Brother become?
Everything changed on that day.
There isn't any question about that.
And it was likely... in order to save me.
But Brother...

24. Calne: "That huuuurt. I've got no strength in my hand... Don't you think that's horrible? My muscles hurt!"
Lear Rinkal: "... I'd intended to break it. Rather than that, you cracked my rib."
Calne: "Ah, I cracked it? Even though I'd intended to break it... but you know now, don't you? We seem to be of equal strength, right? However this goes, whoever wins, you won't be able to restrain me without getting hurt. Is that what you intended? In an honest exchange, you wouldn't be able to get the true information that you seek. In that case, you intend to make me talk by force..."
Lear: "Under whose instructions are you all moving?"
Calne: "Sion-san."
Lear: "That's a lie."
Calne: "It's the truth. After all, I was told by Sion-san to search for you and Luke-san as well."
Lear: "... That's also a lie."
Calne: "Why do you think that?"
Calne: "So, what now?"
Lear: "... And if I intend... to kill you?"
Calne: "If it's you, I won't die."
Lear: "... If you're an enemy, then I'll kill you."
Calne: "I'm not an enemy. "What is it that you're afraid of? I've read your personal history—you shouldn't be the type to do such things. Usually calm... Within your force, your duty is usually to take one step away and gather information. If it's in that area, you're not even inferior to the famous Luke, whom Claugh has a bone to pick with. You even cracked my joints so easily..."

25. Calne: "Don't move, Eslina—!"
Eslina: "Ah..."
Calne: "Sooorry for yelling. Just don't move for a bit, okay~. It's for the best right now. So? Just what are you so impatient about?"
Lear: "... Luke-sen... Sergeant Luke Stokkart and First Lieutenant Milk Callaud haven't been seen since the day before yesterday. Yesterday, Lach Velariore who'd been searching for them... and, as of this morning, Moe Velariore have disappeared. I'm the only one left. I suspect that this is the work of you scum."
Calne: "Eh—!? W-Why us? Honestly, we're working under Sion-san's orders..."
Lear: "According to my investigation, the army is moving. However, I haven't been able to get a hold of its tail at all. Did the nobles suggest this? But what merit is there in capturing us? Regarding that, if it were the level of a noble's instigation, it doesn't seem likely that they would be able to do anything to Luke-senpai...But... Calne Kaiwal. You're strong. And a capable person. Who is it that works behind you? Answer me."
Calne: "Like I said, Sion-san..."
Lear: "That's a lie. Tell me the truth. If you don't... I'll kill this woman."
Calne: "Still going on about that? You won't be able to do such a thing..."
Lear: "... I'm not able to be the sort of person who can remain silent even while his allies might be in danger."
Calne: "Huum. Then, you're serious about this?"
Lear: "Do you wish to see proof?"
Calne: "... That's not a very funny joke... If you lay a hand on Eslina, I'll kill you."
Lear: "No, I'll kill her before then."
Calne: "Like I said, that joke was the worst!"
Lear: "I understand. If you were to die now, you would fail in your duties. Nevertheless, you protected that woman... That's good. That you truly had no intention of fighting me... I believe you."
Lear: "Pardon me for being slow in saying this. I... am Corporal Lear Rinkal. Your Excellency, Major General Calne Kaiwal. And..."
Eslina: "I'm Eslina Folkal. I'm Calne-san's private secretary."
Lear: "To a woman of your degree, what I did was unthinkably impolite..."
Eslina: "Eh, ah... n-no, um, please lift your head."
Calne: "Y-Your Excellency... I-I see... because I'm of higher ranking... but seriously, why is someone like this a Corporal? I understand why Sion-san was clutching his head..."
Lear: "Then, Your Excellency. As for me... what shall you do?"
Calne: "Like I said, stop calling me 'Your Excellency.' "
Eslina: "Your Excellency—!"
Calne: "Seeee. Because children will imitate you, stop that. All right?"
Eslina: "I-I'm not a child!"
Calne: "You're a child. You're still fourteen years old, after all."
Eslina: "Aren't you only four years older than me, Calne-san!?"
Calne: "Then, how old do you think a child is, Eslina?"
Eslina: "Eh—!? Ah... that... t-thirteen...?"
Calne: "Fuu..."
Eslina: "W-What's that sigh for—!? A-Alternatively, Calne-san, your adult age is too high! Around forty, or fifty—!"

26. Calne: "Somehow, it seems like there's been a disappearance fad lately, huh? Well, though we don't know if there's a connection to the disappearances of Luke-san and the others... the Taboo Breaker Ryner Lute you guys were chasing before has gone missing."
"Yes. Without informing Sion-san and his partner Ferris Eris of his whereabouts, he disappeared yesterday. So, Eslina and I have been given orders to search for him... that's what I wanted to ask of you. You, who normally gather information on Ryner Lute's movements..."

27. Ryner: "... Ah, I get it. You must be another elite meant to kill me."
Ferris: "... An elite meant to kill you...? What do you mean?"

28. Ryner: "You... Do you have the money to reimburse them for all that?"
Ferris: "That's not what I came here to talk about. I'll ask you one more time. If you don't answer me properly, your head will be sent flying next...That I'm... an elite meant to kill you—what did you mean by that?"

29. Ryner’s Thoughts while looking at Ferris:
"Can you hear me, Ryner?"
I hear you, Ferris.
That's why...
Isn't that why I'm moving forward?

30. Ryner: "Sorry. It was a misunderstanding. Forget about it."
Ferris: "Do you think that answer..."
Ryner: "I know better than anyone that you wouldn't kill me."
Ferris: "I have one more thing I want to ask you. What did Lucile say to you?"
Ryner: "Nothing."
Ferris: "What did he say?"
Ryner: "Like I said, no—thing."
Ferris: "... What did he say?"
Ryner: "You're stubborn, huh? He didn't say anything..."
Ferris: "Lucile told me that he warned you not to make any passes at his younger sister."
Ryner: "He's quite the caring brother, huh?"
Ferris: "Was the reason you ran off because of that?"
Ryner: "That's not it."
Ferris: "Because my brother gave you a warning, you ran away?"
Ryner: "... Huh? Ah... Well, if it were that kind of warning, anybody would run away at once just because of that... but that's not it."

31. Ryner: "... Could it be that you're actually really angry right now?"
Ferris: "I'm angry... That day, I'd prepared fourteen, fully loaded backpacks of dango."
Ryner: "Ah... I see. Right. Still, fourteen packs... One person couldn't carry all those...Y-You're angry... there's no mistake..."
Ferris: "Mm-hmm. I hope you're ready for what's coming."
Ryner: "L-Let's not go that far? Hey, you... that's why, why is your sword..."

32. Tiir: "Hmm? Which one?"
Tiir: "You two seem strong... With just that delicious fragrance alone... it makes me painfully hungry. As I thought, there was no mistake in Lafra's words. It's surely one of you. Shall I find out which one?"

33. Tiir to Ryner and Ferris: "You two have sharp eyes. It's hard to believe you're human."
Ryner: "You're the one who's moving in a way that's inhuman."
Tiir: "... Eh? Do I look human to you?"
Ryner: "Ah? What?"
Tiir: "... Then, you're human, are you? If so, then I wonder about the one with blonde hair there?"
Ryner: "Ahh!? I don't get what you're saying. There must be something wrong with your head..."
Ferris: "But he's strong. There's something bad about him."
Ryner: "Can we beat him?"
Ferris: "I'll be depending on you."
Ryner: "Then it'll be fine."

34. Tiir to Ryner: "I've finally found you. A five-star pentacle, floating lightly... in other words, the Alpha Stigma?"
Ryner: "Y-You..."
Tiir: "I am Tiir Rumibul. You should understand by seeing... I'm a bearer of the God's Eyes, Iino Doue. I've come here for you."
Tiir: "It's all right. I won't kill her yet. I have to confirm something first... However, I see. You, here in the southern continent, don't understand such words... Then, in this country, you scorn and call your eyes 'Cursed Eyes?' "
Ryner: "... Cursed Eyes... That's what my eyes are?"
Tiir: "That's what humans use as words of contempt. The accurate term is God's Eyes."
Ryner: "No, it doesn't really matter what you call them... then, there are other types of these 'God's Eyes' besides the Alpha Stigma?"
Tiir: "Ah... so it's necessary to explain from there... I'd heard that there were few of us in the south who possessed God's Eyes, and so far... Well, now isn't the best time to explain. Let's go."
Ryner: "Ha? To where?"
Tiir: "To where our friends are. I've come all the way here just for you."
Ryner: "I don't get it. You say you came here for me, but how did you know where I was?"
Tiir: "That's why those eyes... No, it's fine already. Besides, afterwards..."
Ryner: "One thing. There's still one thing I want to ask."
Tiir: "What is it?"
Ryner: "Why did you kill the inn's family...?"
Tiir: "Ah... the lower level eyes are always difficult because of this. Particularly the Alpha Stigma... If it were the Will Heim, it wouldn't take this much time..."
Ryner: "Ah? Will... What?"
Tiir: "Then, could it be that this is also... someone important to you? Hmm. Even though it's not wise for those with the Alpha Stigma and the risk of going berserk to empathize with livestock who die so easily..."
Ferris: "Cut the useless chatter. Get ready. Hide yourself. Arrows are coming."

35. Sion to soldiers: "Don't use magic, no matter what! It seems that somehow, the opponent absorbs magic! No matter the situation, use only your bows and swords!"

36. Sion to Ryner: "Hey, runaway boy. Are you all right?"
Ryner: "Runaway... Are you saying I'm a little kid?"
Ferris: "You're a little kid."
Sion: "Aren't you? Come now, what made you so unhappy that you ran away from home? Your dad is rich, after all. I can buy you whatever you want? Just say the word?"
Ryner mutters: "... For some reason, right now, I reaaally, seriously want to run away from home..."

37. Claugh: "Hey, Sion! What are you doing? Go check to see if that monster's dead."
Sion: "That won't do, Claugh. We can't approach the inn. Didn't I say so in the beginning? We have to deal with him using bows."
Claugh: "But... that guy might be using a trick..."
Sion: "That's no good. This isn't for revenge. Forget about your fallen allies and your arm. On top of that, if you keep moving around, you won't recover. If I lose you here..."
Claugh: "My injury's..."
Sion: "Be quiet. I don't intend to sacrifice anyone here. Return to your station. Your place is... Ah, geez, enough. Shuss! Take Claugh away!"
Shuss: "Understood!"
Claugh: "Guh... Shuss, you bastard..."
Sion: "... Are you refusing to listen to me in front of the other soldiers?"
Claugh: "Damn..."

38. Ryner about Sion: "Hey, hey, actually doing king-ish things..."
Ferris: "No, it's surely only a pretense, don't you see? He's only trying to look good before us."
Ryner: "Yeah~ ... Sion's like that. Back in the academy, he'd frantically put on that act..."
Sion: "... No, you guys... well, at least you're talking quietly enough so that my subordinates can't hear, huh?"
Ferris: "Thank us."
Ryner: "Right, right. Give us your thanks."
Sion: "This isn't the place to be saying that, you know..."

39. Tiir: "Arrows... arrows... Furthermore, they're not imbued with magic; they're just ordinary arrows... Well done. You understand my weakness well. Correct. If there hadn't been food on the second floor, I would've died..."
Sion: "I'll ask once. Do you have any intention of surrendering?"
Tiir: "None."
Sion: "Then you'll die here."
Tiir: "Before that, would it be all right if I pointed out a few mistakes you made?"
Sion: "No. I refuse."

40. Sion to Tiir: "Ha—what clever talk. If you could, why wouldn't you do that immediately?"
Tiir: "That... is your second mistake. The fact that I haven't devoured you isn't because I'm incapable of doing so."
Sion: "Then, do you plan on telling me your reasons?"
Tiir: "As long as he's watching, if I were to devour you, my friend, the Alpha Stigma bearer there, would go berserk."
Sion: "... Not good."

41. Tiir to Ryner: "Did you see that? Those are humans. You can't live in harmony with them. Nevertheless, if that human is important to you, I won't kill him. But you should come to my side..."
Sion: "Don't be ridiculous! Ryner—Ryner isn't like you. Not like you, a..."
Tiir: "Like me, a what? Did you mean to say... not like me, a monster? Ryner, is it? All right, Ryner. Come along with me. This place doesn't suit you."
Ferris: "Hey, Ryner. There's no need to listen to what he says."
Tiir: "Being scorned as a monster... despised as taboo... Is it truly necessary to remain exposed to such things? Don't you have something to protect? Come with me. Fire magic at my eyes. If you do, I could take you along, Ryner, and leave this place..."
Sion: "Be quiet! Ryner, don't fire any magic!"
Tiir: "Ryner will fire. That's the final mistake in your hypothesis. None of you... None of you understand the darkness in our hearts, we who are constantly betrayed. Isn't that right? Ryner."

42. Ryner: "Neither of you... Neither of you are to blame. I liked you both."
Ferris: "I didn't follow you here to hear such words."
Sion: "Don't go. You..."
Ryner: "I won't cause any more trouble for you. It must be tough, looking after a monster who could go berserk at any moment."
Sion: "When did I ever..."
Ryner: "You gave Luke Stokkart the duty..."
Ferris: "... the duty, as an elite, to kill you."
Sion: "... That's not it."

43. Ryner’s Thoughts about Sion: So you...
So you don't have to make that kind of pained expression.
I'm the one to blame.
I make him suffer just by being here.
But it's over now.
There's no more need to suffer.

44. Sion: "D-Don't! You can't... You can't go, no matter what. All troops... All troops, fire arrows—! Kill him! Kill that monster—!"
Tiir: "Do it."
Sion: "Stop, Ryner!"
Ryner: "Sorry."

45. Tiir to Ryner: "Now, let's go. Our friends are waiting."
Ferris: "I won't let you."
Ryner: "... See you, Ferris."

46. Sion to Roland’s soldiers: "The menace has fled. It's our victory!"

47. Ferris: "... King... huh?"
Sion: "... Hey, Ferris. I..."
Ferris: "What Ryner said was right. You aren't to blame."
Sion: "No, that's..."
Ferris: "What you wanted to protect... 'If that's the case, you aren't at fault?' "

48. Sion’s Thoughts: That's obvious, isn't it?
I'm the king.
Listen to these voices.
Listen to these voices praising me.
Nobody is criticizing me.
I didn't make a mistake.
Because I'm the perfect king.
As for Ryner... That was necessary, after all. Only that. Who could criticize me for that? v Who would criticize me for that?
At that, he remembered the words Ferris said.
And he remembered the expression Ryner had at the end.
A face that looked as if it were about to cry, begging for forgiveness.
Even though I was the one who hurt him...
Nobody, to me...
"... I can't... seem to breathe..."

49. Shopkeeper: "But Lady Ferris, are you going on another journey to find the ultimate dango?" Ferris: "... No, today I'm going a journey to find and punish a fool."

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