Volume 5 - Tidying Up The Mess Left On A Whim


This volume corresponds with a small scene from Episode 12, and it corresponds completely with Episode 13 and Episode 14.

Quick Facts/TriviaEdit

Prologue-It completely discusses Kiefer Knolles’s past in detail. Her parents were killed by Roland; then she and her sisters were used to spy on Estabul. Kiefer and her sisters’ physical features were the same; they only differed in height according to their respective ages. Her older sister was Lyra (three years older than her). She possessed gentle and womanly features and was hailed as a prodigy from a young age. She was killed when she was trying to protect Kiefer and their youngest sister Lymir (two years younger than Kiefer). Kiefer was forced to become a double agent in order to save Lymir (who was taken hostage by Estabul).

That’s when she entered the Roland Empire Royal Military Academy.

Chapter 1-This starts with Ryner and Ferris in the carriage with Arua. They face some Runa soldiers as they try to escape. In the anime, this fact is mentioned earlier, but shown at the end of the episode.

The scene moves to nobles who are begging forgiveness from Sion-did not happen in the anime.

After the nobles leave, the scene is extended in Sion’s discussion with Miran. The scene is also extended when Claugh and Noa join the discussion.

This scene is not in the anime—Noa and Claugh leave and then the Siwelt Family makes their appearance. Their leader is “tested” by Lucile. After the “test”, Miran leaves, and Sion gives the siblings their assignment-to head into Gastark as spies.

Scene switches to Kiefer-She vows to save Ryner from the bottom of the layer of darkness (Alpha Stigma). She searches many countries (Runa, Cassla, Veionl) to find a way to achieve that.

Chapter 2: Extended scene (thoughts, dialogue, etc.) in the meeting with Kiefer and Refal Edia.

In the anime at the end of Episode 12, Ferris and Ryner head to the Rajit Village to get Kuku (she will be targeted by the villagers if they don’t).

Extended skirmish with soldiers-they are all killed by Sui and Kuu.

During this time, Ryner is carrying Arua on his back (in the anime, they left him in the carriage).

When Kuu and Sui attack Ryner, Ferris saves him.

NOT IN ANIME: Sui’s arm is replaced by metal prosthetic arm dotted by large stones of unknown material.

Extended fight scene and dialogue. Ferris tells Ryner that they should split up to confuse Kuu and Sui. She heads into the forest with Kuu. Ryner takes Arua back to the carriage. Before he leaves, Sui tells him where they can go to rescue Kuku.

Chapter 3: Ryner and Arua’s discussion in Episode 14 is much longer here. Ryner tells Arua about himself and Germer. While they wait for Ferris to return, Ryner teaches Arua about magic trains Arua to use his Alpha Stigma in combat. (Not in the anime).

When Ferris returns, he discusses the situation with her. Extended scene from the anime-Ferris suggests getting reinforcements from Sion, but Ryner refuses because Roland and Runa are allies. Ferris then starts training Arua.

Miran meets with Runa’s Princess Anna Esther. After the meeting, she invites him for dinner as well (not in the anime). Afterwards, Miran dispatches Biefella-a Runa noble- who conspired against Roland.

Episode 14’s scene with Ryner, Ferris, Arua, Sui, Kuu, Kuku, and Miran is played out. Nevertheless, the novel has more dialogue and a slightly extended fight scene. The notable differences are as follows: 1. Ferris kicks Sui and Kuu away from Miran’s attack. She then tells them they are in their debt, and they will pay her and Ryner back later. 2. Miran claims he is from Stohl; he does not tell them he is from Roland.

After Miran leaves, two scenes follow with Ryner, Ferris, and the kids. Major Point: Arua asks Ryner if he can accompany him, but Ryner tells Arua it’s better for him to stay in Roland and protect Kuku—he and Ferris have more enemies now, and he can’t always protect him.

Next, the scene moves to Miran. After reading Ryner’s report, he has figured out that Sion deployed Milk Callaud in order to keep Ryner reined in.

Prologue 2: Sion is sitting alone in an empty white room, recalling his promise with Ryner. He is worried about Miran as well as Claugh and Noa who have gone to Estabul. He softly states “it can still be done”; he cannot admit defeat. Therefore, he should put out a light.


  • Each quote is numbered so that conversations can be grouped together

1. Miran Froaude: “Eh. You’re right. Someone like me will probably cause Roland to rot…Eh. I have done some reflection on my unfair behavior recently. Although His Majesty tried to stop me, but I acted on my own accord, personally taking care of the nobles who dared to go against His Majesty…In the end, I even took care of my father who has taken care of me for so long…”

2.Sion to Miran: “No, you did well. I have a crazy murderer under my command called Froaude… So that he can get my praise, that person can even kill his father without a change in his expression… I guess this rumor will spread very quickly? Towards the fear that was generated because of the purging act, the bulk of the hate will transfer to you… Thanks to that, my interaction with the other nobles will become easier. But…”

Miran’s reply: “…Or perhaps, Your Majesty wanted to create and ideal world without killing anyone?”

Sion: “No, I trust that the path you took was the one with the least sacrifices? If I allowed the nobles to continue living, Roland’s progress to be better would have been delayed… And we, no, this country has no more time left.”

Miran: “But, things have improved. This country is changing. Aren’t the people grateful to Your Majesty? Even if one more corrupted noble die… This country will have a major transition…Ah, if I say this then I’ll be unable to reduce Your Majesty’s burden…”

Sion’s final reply to Miran: “You are indeed a capable person. I feel that you are a talent that I need. But, even so, if your independent movement continues to expand, I wouldn’t forgive you. I have my ideal world. The one to decide that world isn’t you, but me, who is the king.”

3.Miran: “No, I think Field Marshal Claugh is most suitable.”

Claugh: “Y-you even want to pay lip service to me… What are you planning?”

Miran: “I’m only saying what I think…”

Claugh: “Liar! You’re being polite to me, you must have some sort of plan! I wouldn’t be tricked by you! Because I don’t believe you.”

Miran: “Is that so? Even if I am not trusted by you, I don’t care.”

Claugh: “Ah, that’s enough, it’s this point of yours that is so annoying. I can’t understand what you’re thinking…’

Miran: “And I think that your special trait is the ability to lead this country’s army. I mean, your unbelievably simple thought process, this point is part of your charisma, it makes the soldiers even willing to chase after you. I can’t do that. You can make this country’s army…”

Claugh: “Are you making fun of me?!”

Miran: “No, I’m praising you…”

Claugh: “How does that sound like praising?!”

4.Miran: “…Uhn, no matter how you interpret it, I think it’s fine.”

Claugh: “I’ll beat you up, you…”

Sion: “Alright, alright, that’s enough. Really, why do you always quarrel when you meet, how unfitting.”

5. Sion: “Claugh, this isn’t a game. As long as I am king, Estabul cannot be revived. I can predict that. As long as I am king of this country, I will definitely not allow Estabul to revive. But, in order to rope in Estabul, I have to get her cooperation no matter what…No, if I say cooperate, it’s too light… Let me change that! I want to quickly use Estabul’s power. But, the reason why I’m doing that is to reduce the people who are sacrificed, even if it’s only by one. To reduce the sacrificed Roland citizens, even if it is only by one…”

Noa: “You want me to believe that? You have not only used Estabul people, but even Roland’s citizens as your hostages…”

Miran: “No, that was my own…”

Sion: “Enough, Froaude. She is right. Even if it was something you decided on, the things that Roland has done to Estabul, are things that I as the king of Roland should be responsible for. But, if possible, I wish for you to believe in my sincerity. Believe in my feelings that I wish to protect the Estabul people… Trust me that I will not allow for any more fighting between our two countries. Even if you do not believe it, there has been too many sacrifices. The long war has made us lose all resemblance of normalcy.”

Sion: “Ehn-sama. In the past, I had a companion called Kiefer Knolles. That was a long time before I became king. Anyway I had a girl called Kiefer among my companions… She was a lively and clever person. She loved another one of my companion… I liked seeing the smiles of ‘him’, Kiefer and my other companions. Even though Roland was in a state of unrest, everyone could still be happy, they seemed to be blessed… When I was with them, I would forget all my troubles…”

Sion: “At that time… I thought, it may not be bad if days continued like this… maybe this country doesn’t need to be changed. Only a fool like me worries over and thinks about how can this country be changed… in truth it probably is unneeded? Perhaps everyone doesn’t want it to change? That was what I thought. At that time we smiled happily, we were so happy that I had this thought. Because my treasured companions were laughing so happily, so… where did we need to change? I thought. Because everyone had their own happiness, they were smiling so freely. Even so, I only needed to protect the smiles before me… Wasn’t that enough? I only needed the power to protect my companions, that was enough… That was what I thought. But…Most of my companions died. Because of Kiefer Knolles’s betrayal. No, it should be said Estabul’s former spy, Kiefer’s betrayal…”

Noa: “Then, Your Majesty hates Estabul people…”

Sion: “How could I? Kiefer is still my important companion. Although she is very far away now… To me, she is still my important companion, this has not changed. My companions’ deaths were indeed caused by her betrayal. But, she was forced to do it. She and her sisters were sent to Roland as spies from Estabul… but her elder sister was killed by the Roland Mage Knight Battalion, her younger sister was taken as a hostage… she became a double spy.

“She was always worried that her younger sister would be killed… So, she followed the Roland nobles’ orders… No, she took my brothers’ orders, so that she could kill me who was a hindrance to my brothers, and to trick the Estabul soldiers, she couldn’t do anything else. But, I don’t think that her feelings for that treasured companion were false. She was always laughing with us… I don’t think her smiling face was false.

“She betrayed her country, and betrayed us who were once her companions… I trust that she must have wanted to come to us a few times to beg for help. Although she was always smiling, but I trust that she wanted to be saved. But I… didn’t discover it!! And her younger sister had been killed a long time ago. She cried as she betrayed us, causing her companions to be killed, even causing her younger sister to be killed…

“It was corrupted…. This country was extremely corrupted. The lowly nobles, and my vulgar father… the mad war… so, Estabul will not be revived. I…

“……No, as long as I am king, I will definitely not allow for any conflict between Roland and Estabul. To me, the Estabul people are among those that I want to protect. So, I wish for your help. So that I can protect this country from any inner conflict… to prevent outside invasions… I want to gain Estabul’s help, Ehn-sama.”

At this moment, Sion bowed deeply to Noa.

“Do I have your trust now?”

Noa seeing that, frantically said: “Don’t be like that… Your Majesty is too kind… And you’re doing this in front of your subordinates Field Marshal Claugh and Lieutenant General Froaude… I don’t have any problem with accepting or rejecting. I can understand Your Majesty’s feelings very well. If I can help, I will do so.”

Sion: “…That way, you will become a traitor…”

Noa: “I was given that crime a long time ago. And, when I feel upset, Field Marshal Claugh will protect me like just now, so…Your Majesty, please rest assured. I will introduce the talented people in Estabul to Field Marshal Claugh.”

Sion: “Then I’ll leave it to you.”

6. Miran: “…Was what you said real?”

Sion: “Eh? What?”

Miran: “About making an Estabul person a Field Marshal. Don’t you think it’s too early? Allowing an Estabul person take up an officer’s position… It is effective in stopping any rebellion from Estabul. But, the top of the army has privilege and authority, it seems to be a bit too much…”

Sion: “Didn’t you say it too? You said we already don’t have any time. So as to protect our country from the strong Gastark which has defeated Stohl and other countries, and other strong invasions, we need power. Roland needs to accumulate power. And we have to do in a short time. We have to become a stronger and wealthier country. Making amendments to laws that can allow people to be motivated to progress… We have to become a country where everyone can smile as they live. If we can become that before another country invades us… then we win. Until then, even if we don’t fight…”

Miran: “…As long as our formation is stable, we can invade other countries… When the talented people are gathered in this country, other countries will naturally crumble from the inside. I see. Decreasing the casualties to the least… Is this your decision?”

Sion: “Do you not acknowledge it?”

Miran: “No, minimizing the casualties… Although it’s like that, but Your Majesty knows, if there’s any need, we have to go through some risks. Allowing an Estabul person to become a Field Marshal, if that works, it will have a large impact. This will definitely benefit us to have sufficient power to invade other countries…”

Miran: “Your Majesty is going to allow an Estabul person to become a Field Marshal, if this person attempts to rebel, then you have to kill him… You have to be someone who can make that decision. The shortest route to ruling everything. In the situation to reduce the casualties to the least… If you had to rescue the majority, you would sacrifice the minority. Your Majesty is someone who can have that resolve. If that’s so, I will follow Your Majesty’s orders. I… will proceed to Runa Empire.”

Sion: “This is a rather dangerous job. If you’re not careful, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make it back alive?”

Miran: “As long as Your Majesty is unharmed, Roland would not be inconvenienced…”

Sion: “Didn’t I say it earlier? This country still needs you. If you die now, I will be troubled.”

Miran: “……I will keep that in my heart.”

7. Sion: “Eh… Lucile is your goal… But, this is troubling. If the people around me are monsters, I will be unable to breathe…”

Tiil: “Please rest assured… I will never be able to reach his level…”

8. Sion: “Ah, no, it’s nothing. It’s nothing to do with this. About that… I’m very clear about your ability. I am different from the previous king, the more talented the person, the more I will be prepared to use this ability… Everyone knows this, right?”

Siblings: “Yes. The Silwelt Family has always wished for a master like this.”

Sion: “Then raise your heads. There is no time to be spent on pleasantries. It will be very busy after today. I plan to send you on missions outside the country. The main reason why I chose you was, of course I believed in your strong power. But I feel that the real reason why you are suited for this, is because you do not know how to use magic. Even if you are captured outside, you would not leak our country’s secret magic out… In contrast, if you are captured as hostages, I will not save you. I cannot allow other countries to find out our weaknesses.”

9. Refal Edia: “Didn’t Stohl give up on this village? But you stayed on, what can you do? You’re only wasting your life? You can’t save anyone.”

Kiefer: “…What do you know? This is why I hate wars…So I hate wars…People like you who only use numbers to look at the lives and deaths of people, only doing what you want, and thinking that you’re everything…”

Refal: “What? You’re clearly the soldier of the military country Stohl, but you hate war?”

Kiefer: “Of course!! Who likes wars!”

Riphal Edea: “Heh. You’re good. You’re shouting at me and waiting for me to reveal a weakness, right? When you’ll escape with the children… You’re quite talented. In addition the magic you used… That has a large difference from Stohl’s magic structure, right? That means, you’re not even Stohl’s soldier. Then where are you from? You’re clearly not a Stohl soldier, but you appeared in a war between Stohl and Gastark… to save a civilian, and nearly lost your life… The conclusion I made is, you are an idiot. To protect others, you will throw away your life without hesitation, that is only what an idiot will do…But I like idiots like this.

“I hate wars too. Blood, tears, sadness, things like that, I do not like them. I don’t like my companions dying. I don’t want to see children dying too. It would be a waste if a beauty like you died, I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen… So, I hate wars.

“But… as long as there are countries, wars will occur. As long as there is a system of countries, there will be conflicts. I always thought, if that’s the case, then what should we do to reduce the sacrifices, even if it’s only by a little? What should we do, to make it so that people who are unhappy are reduced? I was always troubled by this.

“…Didn’t you say earlier, you hate people who used numbers to consider the lives and deaths of people? But, how should we save people? If we don’t use numbers, then what should we use as a yard stick to save people?

“Some people will probably say. At least you have to save the people before you… That is enough. Some will say, if you can protect the important people before your eyes, then that is enough… But, I don’t want to save just the people before my eyes. Not only the people of Gastark, even Stohl… No, not only that, save everyone in the Menoris Continent, let war disappear from this world. That is my dream.”

Kiefer: “Then, you say to destroy war, so you triggered a war… But, isn’t this a little contradicting? Your dream is a dream that is built on killing people and gathering corpses. To be more concise, you are a king, but the ones fighting are the soldiers, the ones suffering are people. The king only hides in a safe place, waiting leisurely to reap the fruits of war. Isn’t this method just wishful thinking?”

10. Voice: “Respond. Respond. Tell me thou price. If that is the case, I will release my power.”

Refal Edia: “Eat my left eye, then! I need power.”

11. Kiefer: “Do you… regret it?”

Refal Edia: “People who kill and don’t regret are trash.”

Refal Edia: “Hey, I said it before… I don’t hate idiots like you. People who can’t even save the people before them, who else can they save? If you only want to save someone… only save someone very important to you, perhaps that is enough. But even so, if you want to save even more people, then come with me. Depend on me, Riphal Edea…”

Kiefer: “Thank you for your invitation, Your Majesty, but… now, I still have things… to do in Stohl, so… but, one day, I will head to Your Majesty’s side.”

Refal Edia: “Things to do in Stohl… is that so? Eh~~ what kind of person are you? I’m really interested, but… Since you say one day you’ll depend on me, then I will not force you now. Then, see you.”

12. Ferris: “Yes, saving Kuku will be difficult. But, we can’t leave Kuku here? If Kuku is killed too, then we cannot get the reward for saving Arua’s life. This way, our dream of using that reward money to organize an extravagant dango feast will…”

Ryner: “Ah is that where the problem is…I want to ask you, ‘us’? Why does it seem like your dream has become my dream?”

Ferris: “What did you say? Didn’t you frequently say that? ‘The wish of my princess is also my wish. As long as I can see the happy expression of the princess, I am contented even if I die’.”

Ryner: “Who said that!!? Enough, talking to you is like saying having half a sentence appear even though I said nothing… Putting that aside… What do we do now? Even if we can deal with those normal soldiers, but I feel that those Mage Knight Battalions are troublesome…”

13. Sui: “Yo, isn’t this Ryner-san and Ferris-san? I didn’t think that we would meet here… We have quite the fate.”

Ryner: “I don’t want to see you at all…”

Sui: “Really? How cold. But, I am rather interested in you, Ryner-san. The wielder of the special Alpha Stigma… Until now, I have hunted down a few Alpha Stigma wielders, and crystallized their eyes before snatching them… But, clearly, you are different from the other Alpha Stigma wielders… Your power is too strong… Even my Rhule Fragmei Elemio’s Comb couldn’t match you, so…And after you awakened and lost control, you could still regain consciousness. This has never been seen before. What are you?”

Ryner: “If I knew, I wouldn’t have to suffer so much already.”

Sui: “…Really? But the child you are carrying… That is an Alpha Stigma wielder, right? You didn’t crystallize the other Alpha Stigma to steal the power of their eyes, but you protect, what meaning does this have? Do you know the real method of using the eyes…”

Ferris: “Oh, your topic is interesting. You actually know that Arua is an Alpha Stigma wielder…”

Sui: “Obviously? Because we are here to hunt Alpha Stigmas… But, I didn’t think Ryner-san and you would bring the child with the Alpha Stigma here, this was beyond our expectations. It seems a little challenging…With you here… I’m unable to force that child’s Alpha Stigma to awaken, and steal it. Honestly, the power that your eyes have after awakening, that is something we are unable to match up to…”

Ferris: “And… You even let us Roland people know the fact that you are secretly dealing with Runa Empire. You obtained the information about Arua being an Alpha Stigma wielder from Runa, right?”

Sui: “Wrong. So, things are really bad. I am very interested in Ryner-san’s Alpha Stigma, but… regretfully, I need you to die now…”

Sui: “Ah, Ryner-san! Before we separate let me tell you! That youth’s childhood friend is now imprisoned in the villa of this land’s noble! I will wait for the two of you there.”

14. Ryner to sleeping Arua:“…That way… will you be saved? Or will you die? I should have asked this earlier. If you can be saved, before you hurt anyone... before you are hurt, I will help you gouge your eyes out…”

15. Arua: “No more… I don’t want it… why did it become like this… Because of me, because of me, father and mother… why did it turn out this way…? I………No……no……no……”

Ryner: “Then, you want to escape? But, where will you run to? Do you want to die? I won’t stop you. That’s up to you. If you can be saved because of that, then perhaps that would be good.”

Arua: “You… You want to kill me, right!! You… because I am a monster… So, father and mother died… If you want to kill me then kill me! I am a monster! If that is so, then just kill me! Someone like me… a monster like me, has no meaning in living…”

Ryner: “…Yeah, you’re right. Perhaps there’s no meaning in living. But…What you are thinking of now, I have thought of that hundreds of times before. I thought I have no meaning in living on! Because of my existence, many of my important people have been hurt…and even killed… and I’m seen as a monster, and isolated and looked down on by everyone…Why do I have to be here? Why does someone like me have to be created? I cried, shouted, but, I didn’t get an answer. But…

“But, every time I think of that, there is always someone who wants me to live on. Even though he knows I am a wielder of Alpha Stigma, but that curious king still wants to trap me, and some people who want to persuade me, and tell me I am not a monster…

Not only that, lately there is a person who always says I am her slave, and her sole interest lies in bullying me…

Every time I think of these people, my heart will weaken.

I will think, maybe there are some things that exist for me to live for…

Maybe living on isn’t wrong…

Then…then, those people that treasure me and think that I am very important… they want to build a world where no one has to lose anything, then I…

Ah, I seem to be saying strange things. Ah, anyway, what I want to say is…”

Arua: “On-onii-chan is… like me… then, it was Onii-chan who saved me…But, but… I already don’t have… I don’t have anyone who wishes for me to live on…”

Ryner: “What did your father tell you before he died? And, the one who requested me to save you from the Runa noble is your childhood friend, a girl called Kuku.”

Arua: “Kuku?! Kuku is here…”

Ryner: “She’s not here. She has been caught as a bait to attract you; she’s now imprisoned in a Runa noble’s villa. I have to save her, but… what about you?”

Arua: “I, I’ll go to save her too!”

Ryner: “If that’s so, then you can’t die here? See, death is a very serious thing. Just thinking of simply dying, you realize that there are still many things for you to do… it’s troublesome, isn’t it? Even if you don’t die, I haven’t been able to sleep lately, and I’m so tired now… Like that, since you’re already awake, guard duty is passed on to you. I’ve reached my limits; let me sleep for a while.”

Arua: “Eh? Eh? Wait…didn’t you say you’re going to save Kuku…”

Ryner: “No, no, before that, I have to wait for my companion to return. So, when that person returns wake me. At that time we can go and save Kuku…I’m called Ryner Lute. You can call me Ryner. Ah, no, call me sensei instead. We don’t have much time, so this problem of mentality is important too.”

Ryner: "Well, erm, as there is not enough time, I'll make this short ok? Just now, you said that you wanted to save Kuku right?"

Arua: "Eh? Yes. That's right, I did say that but......"

Ryner: "So in other words, you're going to help us save Kuku right? But, you're weak. And won't be much of a help............ erm, how do I put this across to you. A long time ago, Germer...... ah, by the way, Germer was my master. She said this to me, you know. Erm, it goes something like this......

"...... ehh...... "You want to protect someone when you have hardly any power? A brat like you, stop saying such stupid things! For you guys who are about to be sent to hell, you don't have the luxury to be thinking about other people. From now on, you should only be worried about your own lives. If you want to escape this place, at the very least, you need to attain enough power to stay alive in my hell before you can even think of that!"...... something like that I think?"

16. Arua: "Ryner-sa...... no. Sensei, it seems like you have been through a lot. And for a weakling like me to say...... that I can just throw my life away like that...... I'm so sorry. But, from hereon, I'm going to do my best. Sensei is going to train me up right? In order to save Kuku...... I'll answer to Sensei's expectations, and do my best, so please stop making such a sad-looking face."

17. This passage from the novel deals with magic in the LofLH’s universe:

Ryner (Training with Arua): We use our heads to do that. Well, actually, what we use is the brain inside the head, and normally we use it to think about stuff and to give orders for moving our body...... but as a matter of fact, this brain is habitually lazy, doesn't use much energy, and is mostly sleeping. In this sleeping brain, if we could just awaken a few certain parts of it, we'll be able to see the invisible flow of energy embedded in this world."

Arua: "Ah, are you referring to those glittering fluffy golden stuff flying around in the air that we can see when we concentrate our eyes?"

Ryner: "Exactly. That's correct. Well normally, it would take a person some amount of time before he can see those glittering fluffy stuff. In order to awaken the brain, he will need to undergo meditation training and the like...... and that will take him at least a year, I think? As for us, thanks to these special Eyes...... we can see them easily. In other words, we can skip a year's worth of training that a mage soldier undergoes. Excellent! Excellent! And since you've already grasp the general concept of the energy flow, we can now proceed to the second year of training."

"Well next, we're going to move on to the topic of what exactly are those glittering fluffy stuff...... and like I said earlier these are the energy flows of the world however...... according to the researchers, they are termed seirei (spirits)......"

"Well, there are explanations along those lines but, I myself simply could not really understand from that perspective. However, this I do know, you can subordinate these glittering fluffy stuff in accordance to certain rules. It may be a little hard to explain here. In simple terms, depending on the order of arrangement of the glittering fluffy stuff, you can create various phenomena...... such as flames or lightning......"

After having said that, he demonstrated by moving his finger in the air.

On doing that, for people who can't use magic, they would have been able to see glowing words appearing in the air from Ryner's inscribing motion.


It is different in reality.

For a person who can use magic, this would be what he would have seen.

The energy flow embedded in the air, or rather in the entire world...... the flow of the golden particles got disrupted by the finger, and got arranged in a certain precise fashion......


If an Alpha Stigma bearer saw it......

Arua naturally started to move his finger......

With a dazed look, while watching Ryner, his finger started mimicking him and started disrupting the world......


Even when Ryner stopped his finger, he carried on. It was as if he had seen the entire puzzle beforehand, as he inscribed the glowing words......


In the midst of chanting that, the light above Arua's head took up a form of dog-like beasts......

But, Ryner with an even faster speed let his finger dance in the air......


He chanted something that sounded like an incantation and yet not quite like an incantation......

Fluid-like dark blobs appeared above Ryner's head, and he launched it towards the beasts above Arua's head.

And then......

The beasts were swallowed up by the darkness, and were erased completely......

Arua, looking surprised, said.

"Ah...... just, just now, awesome...... Sensei, the magic just now was created by you?"

Ryner smiled,

"It's really fun teaching you. That's correct. I just created that magic impromptu. I think you should have more or less understood...... this is the method by which magic is used. By properly arranging what you referred to as glittering fluffy stuff, its power can be unleashed. And on top of that, at the very end of the incantation, you must create in your mind a stronger image. The strength of the image in your mind is equivalent to the strength of your magic...... your power will depend on how well and how much strength you put into your imagination."

Even though it sounded complicated, Arua still nodded in understanding,

"I see. That's why my magic was weak, because the image I held in my mind was weak......"

"Yes. Furthermore, the way you arrange those glittering fluffy stuff still needs more work. Well, in any case, the strength of your magic will greatly depend on the strength of your image, and the arrangement of the flow...... that's why the military magic academy scholars of various countries put their lives on the line during their research. There is no real limit to how you can arrange those glittering fluffy stuff...... since even by changing just the beginning of the arrangement, the meaning of the entire appearance, symbol, incantation changes...... that's why magic differs from country to country...... well though the same could be said otherwise, if one is aware of the governing rules, one can improvise and create magic impromptu like the way I did earlier."

And Arua said,

"But, that magic was created after the researchers had spent lots of time on it......"

"Yeah. It's incomparable. Though it seems like they can't create self-styled magic the way they create that magic that could be used in real battles. By the way, the magic that you just copied from me belongs to Estabul...... did you manage to get it and understand it?"

"Yes. It was beautiful and the glittering stuff was efficiently arranged."

"Yeah. It was pretty much near completion, I think. Inscribing it with perfect efficiency, a small number of strokes for a great amount of power...... furthermore, stronger thoughts, in the same way how you strengthen your image, could be engraved into the words that make up the corresponding incantation. Well, it could be at the same level as Roland's magic...... perhaps it might even surpass that...... since a spell like Izuchi still has a seam in its arrangement, and I do sometimes tamper with it during usage......"

"Eh? Izuchi......? What is that?"

"Never mind, I was talking to myself. Well, if you've already understood this much, we are done with three years' worth of training. What's left...... would be battle training...... and spell acquisition. Well for that, whenever I use one, you would be able to remember it easily after watching me...... it seems like you could be more useful than I thought......"

18. Ryner (to Arua about Ferris: “Don’t be tricked by her. She’s only good looking on the outside, but her personality is so evil that she can destroy the whole world…”

Ferris: “Eh? What did you say?”

Ryner: “…Ah, that, uh… what should I say? The beautiful angel that will save the world……? Eh.”

Arua: “Ahaha, your relationship is so good, you’re actually a couple, right?”

Ryner: “Ah, what point about us made you think that?”

Ferris: “Mm-hmm. It’s clear that between us, you have to worship the unbelievably beautiful avalanche-like beauty, me, but because you determined yourself as ugly, for this kind of illegal romance, you are like a slug slumped on the ground—this relationship?”

Ryner: “Hey hey, you can actually think of these new descriptions… Slug? Avalanche beauty? …Ah, but, that kind of romance doesn’t have a good ending, right? A slug seems to be unable to be able to survive in places with avalanches. Poor slug. It has been played with the naturally destructive evil woman…”

Ferris: “You said you want to die? Alright, I’ll grant your wish.”

Ryner: “Ah! I was joking I was joking! It’s alright if it cannot be fulfilled… I say, you just kept your sword, why are you taking it out again!”

Ferris: “Because fulfilling the dreams of fools, is the mission of the beautiful angel. I am very passionate about my work? Praise me?”

Ryner: “…She still wants praise from others, what do you think?”

Arua: “Your relationship is really good.”

Ryner: “Let me ask you, what point is it that makes you feel that way?”

Arua: “Eh? But, because it feels like me and Kuku.”

Ryner: “…Oh? Is, is that it?”

19. Ryner: “Then, that’s it; I’m really going to die because of the strange reason of lack of sleep. I’m going to sleep for a while. So, Ferris, teach him the physical arts first… You are better suited for teaching physical skills than me, right?”

Ferris: “Eh? You’re saying, because you want to sleep, so you’re handing the work load to me…”

Ryner: “No no. I’m serious. I feel, as a knight, you have already reached the perfect state for physical skills…”

Ferris: “…Uh, I don’t know what plans you have in praising me, but… forget it, I wouldn’t argue with you. Alright, Arua, let’s go.”

20. Miran: “…Tonight is a beautiful night. Don’t you think this kind of beautiful night should be used to confess to your loved one? You don’t have to be so scared. As long as you answer my questions, I wouldn’t do anything bad to you…”

21. After some discussion-Froaude: “It sounds surprising. The ones who destroyed the relationship are you? Then, let me ask you, you joined forces with the Roland nobles, to attempt to murder my king… King Sion Astal. My problem is this. How many nobles were involved in this plan?”

Biefella: “There’s, there’s no such thing! That’s your misunderstanding…”

Froaude: “But, after seeing Princess Anna today, I know the answer to this question. This plot was from your king… The Runa Empire’s king. The assassination of the Roland king failed… Then, the Runa king was not in the country. But on the surface you said the Runa king had left the country… Then, which country is the Runa king going to for help? Which country would combine forces to plan to destroy Roland? Which country’s people… came forward to persuade you, and say that as long as you joined forces with them, you could defeat Roland?”

22. Arua: “Of course I want to go. I worked hard till today for this reason. My power may not be matured yet, but I know, the training I had this week… was the plan to fight against the people called Sui and Kuu that sensei told me about, isn’t that right? But I understood after fighting with the other normal soldiers. Sensei taught me when fighting with normal soldiers; there clearly isn’t a need for magic and unnecessary movements… And, Ryner-sensei and Ferris-sensei cannot defeat them by themselves, right? If that is so…”

Ryner: “Children do not need to worry about this. From the beginning, I did train you with this kind of mindset… But, in the end it is still too dangerous. Uh, I think that even if you were caught, it wouldn’t be so bad that you would be killed immediately… But you will become a hostage that the other party will threaten us with…”

Arua: “Even if that is the case… even if sensei stops me, I will still go. Because that is the only motivating power to keep me living. The one who killed father and mother is me…”

Ryner: “You didn’t kill them.”

Arua: “But I want to go. Because, if it weren’t sensei who came to me, I would have died at that time. It was Kuku who saved me. Kuku, she…”

Ryner: “But before that, didn’t you save Kuku’s life? When Kuku was nearly killed, you used those eyes to save her. You don’t owe each other anything. You don’t have to hold yourself accountable…”

Arua: “I want to go. Even if sensei doesn’t bring me along, I will go myself too. I already have that sort of ability.”

Ryner: “……It seems we over-trained him…”

Ferris: “Yes. He is trained well. He really resembles his mother. In this week, so that he wouldn’t resemble his useless father, I worked hard, it seems that you reap what you sow.”

Ryner: “…The useless father you are referring to, it can’t be referring to me, right?”

Ferris: “Eh? Is there anyone else? The world’s number one candidate in doing what he likes and not accomplishing anything since the past few centuries…”

Ryner: “I’m not that old!”

23. Sui: “The two honored guests, have made us wait for a long time…”

Sui: “As expected of Ryner-san, you are right. Your special eyes… Losing that power is too bad…From what I see, the structure of your eyes aren’t any different from other Alpha Stigmas… But the power released when you lose control differs greatly. And, even if you lose control… you are able to regain your original personality. That is… because your consciousness is strong? Or because your Alpha Stigma is special…? What are you? I am too interested in you. Our king will definitely want to meet you too. So, this is our suggestion, if you want, surrender obediently… then, use your power for our country? The two of you have such high skills and power, I trust that you will be treated as high-classed…”

Sui: “But, honestly speaking, I think the best thing for you now is to choose us. I don’t want to say that this will be actualized immediately, but the whole world will eventually become Gastark’s. A peaceful world ruled by our talented king. A world where there is no discrimination, where no one will get hurt, where no one will cry in pain, where everyone can laugh happily and live their days. Our master, who is the king of Gastark, has a huge weapon that can create this world. So, we are willing to take orders from him. So, you should…”

Ferris: “Nonsense…”

Ryner: “No, wait, Ferris. Let’s listen; I feel that his words are kind of attractive…”

Ferris: “You…What are you saying…”

Ryner: “A peaceful world… where no one faces discrimination and can laugh happily as they live their days out… It sounds really good. Does your king really aim to build this kind of a country?”

Sui: “Of course. I should say His Majesty is a person who is same on the inside and outside… no, although it may sound bad, I should say that he’s a really simple person… He really wants to fulfill this dream.”

Ryner: “Ah, the more I listen the more I think he really seems to be a good king that can be relied on. How attractive. I can tell from your expression that you aren’t lying. Indeed… Perhaps you king has the ability to build that kind of world. To be this worshipped by his subordinates, he should a good king, right? Becoming your comrades would probably be more relaxing…”

Sui: “Then, towards our country, you…”

Ryner: “…But, in that case, why do you kill people as you like? Why do you always do those dirty things? You… killed so many people. In order to possess the Heroes’ Relics… No, you called the relics Rhule Fragmei? Didn’t you kill those people who knew the truth… who knew about the existence of the relics? I remembered you said once, you wanted to gouge out the eyes of us Alpha Stigma bearers? Once people’s eyes are gouged out, wouldn’t they die? Once normal Alpha Stigma bearers lose control, they cannot regain their original selves… didn’t you say that? Unable to regain their original selves. Unable to resume their original selves… so, after you gouged out the eyes you killed them. Kill! Kill!! Kill?!

“You are really noisy. You dare to say these after you have done those things, saying that you want to build a country where everyone can laugh and living their days? What kind of thinking makes you say that? If your actions are really the orders of the king of that country, Gastark, then your king is trash. That country isn’t somewhere where we can live in. At least… in a country where you don’t treat us Alpha Stigma bearers as humans, there is no place for us.”

Kuu: “You, you dare to…talk about our…”

Sui: “…That makes sense. Ryner-san is right, but… Like Kuu, I do feel angry when someone talks bad about His Majesty. You don’t understand His Majesty at all. What you said earlier were pretty words. You asked us why we kill people. Because that is necessary, so we kill. We save the country with the smallest number of sacrifices. Is that wrong? I don’t like to do that too. When killing, we have to take up an equal amount of pain…”

Ryner: “You don’t even take up any burden of pain! You think that killing people can fulfill dreams and ideals? To save the majority, sacrificing the minority is something that can’t be helped? If that is so…”

Ryner: “…I feel that that is a good way. I always thought that this was a good idea. Because I… I have already killed many people. Because of these eyes, I have already killed many…people who viewed me as a comrade. So, if it’s like what you said, if you have no meaning in living on… I cannot deny that. No, along the way, I had always thought that way. I thought, a monster like me, has no value in continuing to live. But… Arua is different. He hasn’t killed anyone. And from today onwards he will not kill anyone. But, you tried to kill him. He is different from me… He is not like me who is unable to turn back, he still has a future…”

Sui: “But, no country is willing to accept Alpha Stigma bearers…”

Ryner: “However, Roland is different. Si…No, although our king is someone who strangely likes to tease me… But, that person is different from your king. He is a total idiot who really takes, like what you said, a country where everyone can laugh happily and live their days… as his goal, and works very hard for it. Because that person is a greedy person who wants to save the majority as well as the minority. He also mistakenly thought that he had that ability. He is an over-conscious person who will blame everything on himself as long as a person dies………But……

“……But, because of that, we are willing to lend him our strength. Because I think, being able to live in a world that is created by him, seems to be a good thing…”

Sui: “…… I see. King Sion Astal, is it… According to information, he seems to be a talented person……But, as a talented king…..then that includes what I just said, the courage to sacrifice the minority for the majority. Ryner-san, your king may be someone who avoids sacrifices, but, if such a choice causes even more sacrifices, then what will you do? Doesn’t what you just said contradict yourself?”

Ryner: “Yeah, there may be some contradictions. Even so, I still feel that the country built by that person is better. People are not God. There are limits to our abilities. But, that person still tries to minimize the sacrifices. To the country built by such a king, I…”

Sui: “But…… no matter what, the more talented this king is… the more choices he can make is limited. One day, there will be a possibility that he will differ from your ideals… Then what will you do then?”

Ryner: “At that time, I will beat up the king, and let him resume his original appearance…”

Sui: “……Heh. Do you think that those pretty superficial words can win us Gastark?”

Ryner: “I came here with the confidence that I will win.”

Sui: “Then what about Kuku-chan?”

Ryner: “If you want to kill her, then kill her. Anyway if we can’t defeat you today, you planned to kill her anyway, isn’t that so? Killing everyone who knows the truth. That has always been your style.”

Sui: “In that case, that means the negotiations have fallen through?”

Ryner: “I didn’t plan to negotiate with you in the beginning.”

Ryner: “Ne, can we fight now? I have already gained over much time. Let’s go.”

Ferris: “Yes. The content of your speech was quite interesting. I don’t disagree with your thinking too.”

24. Ryner (before they begin to fight Sui and Kuu: “…Hey……I trust you, comrade.”

Ferris: “Yes, of course. We will win.”

25. Sui to Ryner: “……This really is amazing. Killing you is indeed a pity. Because I believe His Majesty would surely want someone talented like you. Really, using Rhule Fragmei but having a hard battle, this is the first time. In addition…

“The battle strategy you used was not a commonly seen ambush tactic. Our country only sent me and Kuu to infiltrate the other countries. In the beginning, we fought with the mentality that there could be ambush soldiers other than you. But, I thought as long as the ambushers weren’t in our visible range it wouldn’t be a problem. Because normally, magic can only be used in areas where you can aim at the enemy properly, isn’t that so? I didn’t think that the lightning from outside could almost accurately hit me… What kind of grouping is this?

“Ryner-san, you changed the magic structure according to what you wished, didn’t you? You changed the direction of the lightning the youth released… so that your magic structure could control the lightning…”

Ryner: “Oh dear, you could garner this much only after that short exchange? How remarkable. I really don’t want to fight you anymore…”

Sui: “……That is what I want to say. The magic earlier was created to defeat us, right? In only a week, although it is changing existing magic, but being able to create new magic that can be used in layers, this kind of magical knowledge… No, even if it only like that, I would not feel surprised… What made me surprised is that you can use this new magic can be actualized by Alpha Stigma bearers… I originally thought that among the magical eyes, the Alpha Stigma was not counted as one of the highest levels, but… it exceeded my expectations! The Alpha Stigma is really the most troublesome.”

Ryner: “It doesn’t sound like a compliment.”

Sui: “Because I wasn’t praising you in the first place… I feel fearful. Fear towards a monster that cannot be estimated… After fighting with you, I experienced it for the first time. I completely understand, the reason why humans are unable to accept you.”

Ryner (to Sui while patting Arua’s head: “But…But, even so, we are still living. The ones who are scared the most are actually us. We have always felt fearful, we were always regretful that we lived… Always, always, always… fearing that we would hurt someone or kill them…”

Sui: “Even so, then shouldn’t you simply die? No, can you die for everyone? …You are too hindering. Your power is too strong. And to us Gastark, you are a very big obstacle. This is the strongest fear that I have ever had in my life. Honestly speaking, even if we continuing to fight… I don’t think we will win. Who knows what kind of battle strategy you have prepared… With two to three, this situation is disadvantageous for us.”

26. Sui: “If possible, I don’t want to go against you already…”

Ryner: “But… you can’t let us roam about freely? Then what do you want to do? Do you want to continue?”

Sui: “No… we have to do what we don’t want to do. Kuu.”

27. Ryner: “You……Don’t tell me you’re thinking of…”

Sui: “That’s right, Ryner-san. If we can’t use the crystal to make you or that boy lose control… then, I will kill this girl, and make that boy collapse mentally.”

Arua: “No, no…”

Ryner: “Damn it!”

Sui: “It’s too late.”

Arua: “No, noooooooooooooooooooooo!”

28. Miran Froaude: “……Rhule Fragmei… and, the Heroes’ Relics…… You have been talking about a few phrases that I do not understand…”

29. Miran to Sui and Kuu: “Ne……Is it you? Are you the ones instigating Runa? You seem to have overdone things. Now I want you to pay the price.”

30. Ryner blocking Miran’s attack: “…………Aaah, enough! What is this, what is this, really! – WHAT I SEEK IS THUNDER>>>IZUCHI!”

31. Ferris to Kuu: “Hey, we’ll hold him off here for a while. Use that time to take Sui and escape.”

Sui: “Why…are you saving us? I want to kill you…”

Ferris: “This is a debt you owe us. One day, we will look to you to return it.”

Sui: “…Doing such foolish things…again… Be careful of being tricked, and betrayed…”

Ferris: “I think so too. I’m really too nice. Doing this can’t save anything. It can’t save anyone or anything… this is something that children understands too. But, but Ryner… no, that man really doesn’t like people dying in front of him. Because that person is too weak. He hates people dying, and hates killing people… Even so, he still tries to save the world with his own method. He is the same as you. You are all idiots who really want to build a world where no one will lose anything… so, disappear quickly. If you stay here, Ryner will be unable to fight freely.

That shadow man… is too strong. We wouldn’t be able to fight with him and protect you…”

Sui: “………Don’t tell me you’re really thinking…Kuu, we’ll retreat for today.”

32. Miran to Ryner and Ferris: “……Hmm. Things…are hard to comprehend… I came here to kill the Gastark spies that infiltrated Runa. Then I heard a part of your conversation, although I only started listening from the middle… You two aren’t people from Gastark, right? You should be from Roland. But why do you want to protect the Gastark people? To you, those two should be obstacles…”

Ryner: “We are different from you. Your style is wiping out all those who dare to obstruct your way. Repeating this behavior, what will it leave in the end?”

Miran: “What will it leave? Hmm. A world that is peaceful and has no war… Unless you wish to hear this kind of answer? I don’t mind that either… To build a peaceful world that doesn’t have war, those two…”

“You wanted to interrogate them, to gain information, then kill them… right? I wouldn’t let you do that.”

Miran:“……Under this situation, allowing the Gastark people to escape… The Heroes’ Relic… Rhule Fragmei… What is His Majesty…”

Ryner: “Eh? Ah, wait… you’re returning without fighting?”

Miran: “I don’t think that there is a need to fight you. But, I see. You are from Roland… I see…”

Ryner:“Which country’s assassin are you? Since you aren’t fighting with us that means you’re from a country that isn’t related to us Roland? What’s the problem in telling us?”

Miran: “One day…No, after today I might deal with you for a long time, so I should tell you?”

Ryner: “Eh? Deal with us for a long time…? You’re saying…”

Miran: “I belong to Stohl. The military country Imperial Stohl. Do you know of it?”

Ryner: “Eh, ah, what nonsense are you speaking of? Isn’t that a large country in the north? I see… Stohl… Unheeding of the effort, coming from such a far place to the southern countries?”

33. Miran’s “advice” to Ryner: “You asked me earlier… what will be left from killing people who obstruct my path. If I were to be honest, that would be—if people who are obstructions are destroyed, then it would leave a world that is very convenient to me. If it is from the view of an Alpha Stigma bearer like you, killing all the people, can lead to a world that is suitable for Alpha Stigma bearers to live in… That is the truth, isn’t it? People are animals that have to fight to survive. To eat, to protect their reputation, to live a life better than other people, to protect the people that they love…
And to avoid being killed by someone…
People have to fight.
Not sacrificing, and where everyone can laugh happily and live out their days… that is a joke. There is no such existence of such a world. The world isn’t so simple as you imagined. Take the time when you haven’t experienced troubles…”

“No… You are an Alpha Stigma bearer… You should be very clear about the ugliness of human nature. This is really an advice of me bothering too much. Then, I will—retreat here.”

Ryner’s reply: “Ah, wait. What does that mean? I still dislike you. But… This time we were saved by you. You saved Kuku. Thank you.”

Miran: “You really thought that I saved that girl?”

Ryner: “…Uh, I don’t think so, but… that chance was really the time where Sui made the largest mistake. Even so…”

Miran: “…How regrettable…One day, I will probably still kill you… Your existence is really…”

34. Ryner (after Miran leaves): “Ne, Ferris… did I say anything to make him angry?”

Ferris: “Hmm. This is a difficult question. It’s been revealed, the matter of your existence, you yourself is on the list for making people angry…”

Ryner: “Ahh, yes yes, I have dominated the first place for several centuries!”

35. Ryner to Arua: “Uh, travelling in other countries is very dangerous. Anyway, we seem to have had an increase in enemies… I have to be everywhere at once, I can’t protect you.

“Ah, it’s not like we won’t see each other forever. Don’t reveal that sort of expression! As long as I have the heart, one day, I will return to Roland too… Before I return, you should live your days happily. You have to become strong, at least you have to be able to protect Kuku herself… Ne, when you become very strong, then I will want you to protect me to…”

36. Miran’s analysis after reading Ryner’s Report: “…A leash… Milk Callaud is the leash on Ryner Lute? To prevent Ryner Lute from leaving Roland… No, from leaving Sion Astal… To limit his leash…and to control it is Luke Stokkart.
“…The Heroes’ Relics… Rhule Fragmei…
“…Building a peaceful world where there is no killing…
“…The leash that limits Ryner Lute… that is the king’s weakness… the fear of Ryner Lute leaving him…
“…The ideal world that Ryner Lute wishes for, where no one dies, or gets hurt, or feels sad, and the ideal king… that is the chain tying down Sion Astal
“…But that will ruin His Majesty. The ideal king responding to everyone’s expectations. That illusion will destroy people, and the king… It seems that there is a need to erase. Ryner Lute…”

“No, it should be starting from eradicating that leash?”

Based on Baka-Tsuki Translations

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