Densetsu no Yusha no Densetsu: Volume2 The Destined Three-Legged Race

Quick Facts/TriviaEdit

The corresponding anime episodes of this chapter are five and six. The major points/ differences are listed below in chronological order.

• The “great border sentry” Betran tries to stop Ryner and Ferris from leaving Roland
Eslina is now 14; Fiole was 16, 17 when he was killed-how he met Sion is completely different in the anime
• The banquet scene is extended (when Sion finds out about Fiole’s death) and more details of the story are given
• Nelpha’s imperial city is named Elarun
• The old man is called “Uncle Graniel” by Toale. Toale and his younger brother Ibel and little sister Telua are saved by Ryner and Ferris
• The fight scene and library scene are extended in the novel
• The library is only open to outstanding students, nobles, and people of high status- Ryner and Ferris get permission from Toale to enter the library
Milk’s past is described in detail-Eimi and Nalua are her older adopted sisters; she was “bought” by the Callaud family at age 5
• Scene extended in Miran’s first meeting with Sion and Claugh
• After this meeting, Claugh and Sion meet Milk and think she’s incapable to lead the squad. However, she passes their “pen test”- they realize she’s talented.
• Gread is Toale’s grandfather and king of Nelpha; in the home where Toale lives with his siblings, he’s the eldest at 19, the youngest is a year old.
• Ryner spends four days with Toale before he meets Iris; he throws her out, and she returns to Sion to report on their status
• 20 men and women are present in the discussion regarding Sion’s trip to Nelpha; everyone is against him going because they know it’s a trap set up by Count Stearead. Miran, however, says he should go (In the anime, only Claugh, Calne, and Miran are featured in this discussion)
• Sion goes with Miran to Nelpha with 2000 soldiers. 40000 soldiers from Nelpha greet them; Miran says he should act like a king and be unafraid against such odds (not shown in the anime)
• Banquet scene extended after meeting with the king
• Miran points out two potential enemies-Count Protone and Starnel Nelphi, the king’s only son. Miran says more investigation is being carried out by his men
• Sion visits Ryner with Iris; she goes off to play with the other kids. (In the anime, Sion comes alone, and the other children are not featured excessively)
• Fun fact: Ferris claims to be good at singing
• The trio has a conversation with Toale, and then their own discussion is also extended.
• Fact: Ryner’s first mission was with the Taboo Breaker Squad.
• Sion informs him that from now on they will be pursuing him, annoying Ryner
• Sion asks them to be his bodyguards; Ryner and Ferris take down six assassins, but Ryner does not kill them.
Miran finds out that Count Werias was the mastermind in the plot; he wanted to use the power of Roland’s nobles. The real head was Starnel Nelphi.
• Sion reports this to the king; Miran assassinates the other nobles
• Ryner has an extended conversation with Ferris before Miran attacks
• Extended fight sequence-Ryner attacks Miran excessively when Ferris is injured
• Sion meets Ryner in the morning after the attack at Toale’s home; he converses with him before he returns to Roland. Sion realizes he almost killed Ryner and Ferris (this is depicted differently in the anime)
• Sion reads multiple reports when he returns to Roland-1. Calne and Count Buble’s report on Roland’s condition while he was away 2. Claugh’s report about Miran 3. Miran’s extended report about the trip to Nelpha
• Major Rahel Miller is the only one present in Milk’s appointment. (In the anime in Milk’s flashback, Claugh, Calne, and Sion are the ones appointing her) At first she thinks she’s in trouble for eating cake. Her subordinates Luke, Lear, Moe, and Lach hear her whole speech and love her for it.
• Ryner spends four days doing non stop research as Ferris rests. Then they both depart

Quotes Edit

  • Each quote is numbered so that conversations can be grouped together-listed in the order they appeared in the novel

1. Sion’s Mother: “You don’t have to be scared about anything, Sion. You’ve been groomed into a kind child, and that’s really amazing. No matter how others slander you, those words don’t matter. There will definitely be a lot of people who will love you…so even if I’m not around…you won’t be alone, no matter how much you fear the death right in front of you…”
2. Sion’s Thoughts: “I want to change this country. If possible, I want to change this crazy world… I don’t know how many people I can save… But I want to work hard. To make this place…Become a world that’s like your resting place, mother…” 3. (When Ryner and Ferris are crossing the border for the first time/Sion has not informed anyone about their mission-this scene is not in the anime)
Ryner’s Thoughts: On a side note, the meaning of this ‘Taboo Border’ would be those who learned Roland’s magic and were fleeing the country or sneaking out without the country’s permission. These people who’re ‘taboo breakers’ will be captured by the people sent from the country and punished severely.
This was a means to prevent Roland’s magic system from being leaked out of the country…
Of course, if they left with the permit of the country—moreso a decree by the king of Roland to leave the country, they should be able to exit the border without any problems…
That should be the case… Ryner looked around.
4. Ferris: “My sister’s life doesn’t matter. She’s my sister, and she will always have a way to survive on her own. More than that, if I don’t listen, that king will destroy the Wynnit dango shop…if I can’t eat the dango from that shop, what should I eat to live on?”
5. Sion to Fiole: “Don’t think of it this way, Fiole. The background doesn’t matter. The birth circumstances don’t matter. Right now, there are nobles in this country, and there exist a noble…but do I look like I’m of a higher status than you? Do you feel that way when looking at other nobles? No, right? Everyone’s the same. The people…should all be equal. Of course, everyone needs to act a certain role…but one day, I will create that kind of country.

“The most important thing is not to give up, Fiole. That’s what I feel. Don’t just give up because of your commoner status…don’t give up because of this. No matter how many people look down on you…you’re definitely not alone. You’ll definitely have a lot of allies… 

6. Sion (to the nobles after hearing about Fiole’s death): “I’m fine. It’s just as you said. It’s really fortunate that it was only a commoner who was killed. I suppose I would be worrying if it was a noble who was killed. It’s great that everyone can say it like that. Thanks, everyone.”
7. Sion’s Thoughts after seeing Fiole’s dead body: He started to feel a murderous intent deep inside his heart. A rage that was enough to cover Sion’s eyes rushed up from within him, but he didn’t show such an expression.
Sion: “…Damn it…this is my…”
Fiole…was wrecked, seemingly drowned in blood.
There were all sorts of unnecessary wounds carved into him, as if it was deliberately meant for Sion to see…
Sion: “…IT’S ALL MY FAULT!!”
After saying that, he forcefully slammed the wall. And couldn’t feel any pain at all.
He just felt rage that was enough to cover his eyes, and his heart seemed to be covered by a black emotion.
His mind remembered the laughter of the nobles who didn’t seem to treat other people’s lives like anything, their shallow smiles that didn’t understand other people’s feelings…
And as he was about to slam the wall viciously again, Claugh stopped him from behind.
Claugh: “That’s enough, Sion.”
Sion turned around… He saw his own bloody fist…and narrowed his eyes.
Sion: “…Sorry, I won’t do that again. So, can you just let me be alone for the moment? Please.”
8. Fiole’s letter to Eslina: Eslina, thank you for writing to me all the time.
I’m sorry for often being unable to reply.
But this brother of yours is happy to hear that you’re healthy, Eslina.
Your grades have been good too. You’ve been working hard.
Your letters always manage to encourage your brother here.
And I’m lucky to have a very good superior.
Astal-sama…the king, he’s a really great man.
He’s able to treat us commoners equally, and most importantly, he’s really thinking for the sake of this country.
It’s really great that, that great man is the king of our country.
I’m really proud to be living in the country that great man rules.
If there’s a chance, I really want you to meet Astal-sama, Eslina…
Ah, yes. Astal-sama said that he’ll give me a vacation this weekend to let me see you, Eslina.
See? He’s a really kind guy, isn’t he?
So I’m thinking of seeing you this weekend.
It’s been a long time since we met.
Whenever I went back home all the time,
'Mom would make her specialty cheese.
If you can cook as well as mom, Eslina, you’ll definitely make a good bride.
If the groom’s Astal-sama…
Well, this isn’t something someone of my status can say~
Then, that’s settled. I hope to see you this weekend.
Sion: “You’re really a big idiot, praising me like this…such a powerless me…who can’t even protect anything…”
9. Sion: “The order is wrong, Calne. It’s because they couldn't kill me that they aimed for Fiole.”
10. Claugh (to Calne): “No matter what, the king has that monster watching from beside him, that, Eris’ family’s…Ahh, it’s impossible that you don’t know, right? The great noble family protecting the king of Roland, also known as the swordsman clan. Sion is the king now, and the people in their family have been watching him from the shadows. As long as Sion is still in the palace, nobody can kill him.”
Sion: “That’s the case. So you’re the ones more likely to be in danger than me. I don’t want to lose my trusted subordinates again.”
Claugh: “It’s impossible for them to kill us who’ve been through the revolution. Besides, Fiole’s case here gave a warning to us. I’ll tell the rest to be careful.”
11. Lucile: “Sadness, hatred, anger, regret, revenge, resignation, what kind of feeling lies deep within your heart?”
Sion: “Everything, Lucile. No, resignation is the only thing which is not here.”
Lucile: “Do you really feel like taking revenge on those despicable people?”
Sion: “Of course I do.”
Lucile: “Then, let’s kill them all. I’ll help you out since I’m good at this.”
Sion: “No, there’s no need. Fiole doesn’t wish for this to happen as well. The time is not ripe yet. Just wait for a while until everything’s ready. Once that is done, we can annihilate them all in one go.”
Lucile: “Fuun, do you intend to endure this until then? Until you tremble and bite your lips so hard that you bleed?”
Sion: “I’ll endure it. No, if I say that I want to take revenge now, you’ll definitely kill me here, right? That’s why you appeared now, isn’t it?”
Lucille: “An incompetent king, a king who can’t grasp the timing, a weak-hearted king…is not needed.”
12. (Conversation before entering the library)
Ryner: “Ah…er…ah…I suddenly feel that I may be very motivated here…uu…so, you do have some intent of moving that sword slightly further away, right?”
Ferris: “Your head will fly off the next time. How about that? Do you have any motivation now?”
Ryner: “……I’ll definitely be killed by you one day…”
Old man (when the duo is about to enter the library): “Fuun. You don’t know what’s this about? As expected of you barbarians! This library we’re protecting is the source of sacred knowledge! It’s absolutely ridiculous!”
Ferris: “A beautiful person may wear whatever she wants without a problem. Tha, that was a joke…”
Old man (after hearing Ferris’s statement): “You pass! You pass! You’re a beauty and extremely cute! This old man here admits defeat! Like you say, anything you wear fits a beauty like you. Forget about that. Do you have any interest to be this old man’s grandson’s wife…no, my wife!?”
13. Young Ryner to Milk: “You really like to cry. Don’t say that you’ll die. If it’s you, you can definitely do it because you’re strong. I don’t have any intention to die, so…so, don’t die…”
14. Calluad to young Milk: “It seems that you still haven’t understood the weight of the Callaud family’s name. You must be better than anyone else and have an elegance that will not shame the Callaud family. That’s why I bought you, because I thought that you had such a value…”
15. Claugh (about Milk): “You really don’t understand, Sion. It’s because she looks unreliable that her subordinates would fight hard, you know? Especially when the leader’s a girl.”
16. Milk to Sion:“I…don’t hate the Callauds. They were deadly strict…but they raised me up…I feel I should repay them if I can. My foster parents don’t like me…but Eimi nee-sama and Nalua-sama are very kind… And about the Roland Special Institute Number 307 incident…I don’t hate it at all. That’s because over there, I… I understand. I’ll gladly accept this rank.”
17. (Discussing Milk’s Appointment)
Claugh: “Luke? Wait…why is he still in the ‘Taboo Breaker’ Pursuit Squad? Why? Didn’t you pull him out during the revolution?”
Sion: “Haha. About him, it seemed that he wanted to work under Miller, and had no interest in being outstanding.”
Claugh: “No, even so…Miller-sempai can be even more outstanding as well…”
Sion: “Same goes for Miller as well. He didn’t want anyone else to do the job of the ‘Taboo Breaker’ Pursuit Squad that handles the lives of people. Even when I offered him the position of Lieutenant General, he refused it. He said that he would keep the rank of Major so that it would be easier for him to do many things.”
Claugh: “I, Is that guy an idiot? Staying in that hated department…”
Sion: “It’s because such a guy is around that this country can remain safe. Besides, there’s a king like me around too.”
18. (Sion and Claugh’s first meeting with Miran)
Miran: “I’m Miran Froaude, son of the Marquis Karlal Froaude, and I currently have the rank of the Lieutenant Colonel in the Roland Imperial Army. No, I heard that His Majesty came here to gather people to fight against the nobles who would escape from time to time.”
Sion: “Lieutenant Colonel Miran Froaude. I know of you. A talented man who became a lieutenant at a very young age of 17, and carried out several suppressing works during the civil war several times and quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Even though you’re the son of Marquis Karlal Froaude…in fact, you were bought. You were an orphan yourself, am I right?”
Miran: “As expected of you, Sion Astal-sama. Shouldn’t you have added— ‘you would do anything and everything to complete the mission, even if it means carrying out despicable means. Loyal to Marquis Froaude, but has difficulty working with allies’—the report of the deceased Fiole Folkal should have something like this, am I right?”
Sion: “And then, what do you want from me?”
Claugh (after Sion asks him to step out so he can talk to Miran): “Oi oi oi oi, hold it there, Sion. That won’t do. I came here to protect you. Besides, you don’t want me to know what this guy has to say?”
Sion: “No, it’s not that I can’t let you hear it, but that this Lieutenant Colonel here won’t speak up if you are here. However, I want all kinds of information here. You know my personality.”
Miran (addressing Sion once they are alone): “About this…I suppose you should understand? I came here to visit you because you definitely need me.”
Sion: “Un? I don’t understand what are you talking about here…”
Miran: “You should have realized this. Major General Claugh Klom is a radiant person as his appearance indicates. Fiole Folkal’s the same as well, and the same goes for that Milk Callaud. You, who are always walking on the stage, will always gather people who are chasing after the light. But these aren’t enough for what you really desire, am I right? Or rather, you will bear the darkness alone? That’s impossible. You had been able to do so up till now, but now you're the king, the man radiating light in this country. Then, someone will definitely have to replace you and bear the darkness. I want to be that person. I want to get that thing you really want.”
Sion: “…Bear my darkness, huh? That’s quite an arrogant tone. Then, do you know what I want?”
Miran: “Of course I do. It exists inside you.Yes…right now, this Roland Empire is just a country in the Menoris Continent…but I want to help you fulfill your wish to conquer the entire continent and become the king of the Great Roland Empire.”
Sion: “……So, do you think that’s my dream? Haha, that’s really an amazing dream. But I haven’t thought of things to such a grand level, you know? What I want is just a country without war, one where the people can smile and live.”
Miran: “Of course, Your Majesty. No matter what you think, a king has to say things like that. And then, I’ll handle the remaining darkness. For this sake, I am already prepared to abandon my foster parents without hesitation. Please allow me to be with you.”
Sion: “What you’re saying is really weird, Miran Froaude. Do you intend to kill your foster father first?”
Miran: “Ha, haha, if that’s what you wish…”
Sion’s Thoughts: This man is dangerous'.' However, he was a necessary talent as well. He had a calm mind, and was a talent who could do what he, Claugh, Fiole and the rest couldn’t do. This man had the same smell as Lucile. No, he wasn’t of a monstrous level like Lucile who looked protected by the spirits…however; it felt that there was a more human darkness from him compared to Lucile… Can I control him?
Sion: “……Alright. I’ll let you work under me.”
Miran: “I'm extremely grateful.”
19. (This scene did not appear in the anime)
Miran: “Your Majesty, as compared to the people who have a weak voice, we should first focus on the nobles. Right now, your verbal authority amongst the nobles isn’t very strong, Astal-sama. Besides, Cleado Village is under the jurisdiction of that Count Stearead’s group, and unfortunately, we don’t have the power to fight them. Right now, we can only use the leaders of Cleado village as a seed of dissatisfaction against the anti-king faction. I feel that’s the best strategy.”
Sion’s Thoughts: Yes, Froaude said it. I’ll harvest the people in pain…
Sion: “Even if this is the best strategy, I can’t do it. I’ll be just like the old king…”
Miran: “Then please hurry and control the country in your hands. Do you intend to use your false kindness as priority to let the people in the country sink into crisis…or will you endure for now and walk down your rule...?”
Sion: “That won’t do. Send the people at Hillread to assist.”
Miran: “Assist…is it?”
Sion: “Yes, assist, but not in my name. Yes, use a merchant’s name or something else to help them. Of course—”
Miran: “I see. Spread rumors that the merchant’s a believer of Your Majesty and extend help to show his appreciation for you…okay, I’ll do so this time. But we can’t use such a strategy all the time…”
Sion: “…Yes I understand. I understand….so I’ll leave the rest to you.”
Miran: “…I understand.”
20. (This scene did not appear in the anime)
Calne about Claugh: “Impossible, I’ve never seen anyone who could beat you in a fight, sempai. But if we’re playing cards like usual, whoever loses will have to treat, you know?”
Claugh: “Yes. I feel that this country finally got saved because Sion became the king of this country.”
Calne: “I’m the same as well. If it’s Sion, he can definitely lead this country to a positive direction, which is why we followed him.”
Claugh: “He’s different from us. This country needs him, so, protecting that guy…”
Calne: “Is our job.”
21. Iris: “Iris came here to save nee-sama! Because nee-sama suddenly went off without saying goodbye to me! That’s why I went to a lot of dango shops, but couldn’t find you, nee-sama…after that, Sion nii-chan came over when I was crying and said that nee-sama took a savage beast and went on a trip to find the best dango shop…and then, Iris wanted to make…that…thing called conveying information or something! I’m amazing, right? Right?” “Of course I do! I brought some local stuff for you, nee-sama! Here, Wynnit dango combo sets!”
Ryner: “…Haa, seriously, that Sion. Why must he push such a person onto me…HAU!! I, I WAS JOKING…no, well, I’m really happy to be surrounded by such beautiful sisters…so, well, can you please put down that dango stick you’re about to throw over…I really can’t defend against your attack……haa…”
Ryner: "Sion you bastard!! Handing these two troublesome women over to me!! I’ll definitely kill you next time!!"
22. (The meeting discussing Sion’s visit to Nelpha)
Claugh: “I say, oi oi. Don’t be ensnared by him so easily. Really…besides, Froaude, you’re saying that you’re going with Sion, but what happens if you’re the killer?”
Miran: “Fum, at that moment… you can kill me, the bodyguard, Major General Claugh. Or…you don’t have the confidence yourself?”
Claugh: “Even if you say it that way, I won’t fall for it. Unfortunately, I hate it when others dodge my ability. If I know that you may kill Sion in Nelpha…I’ll definitely kill you here.”
Miran: “This is unexpected…you’re not as easy to manipulate as I thought. Not falling for my taunt and forcing me to show my true face and scaring me away…as expected of the right hand of His Majesty, is it?”
Claugh: “…Tch, you bastard…you saw through it. How boring. Besides, show some fright, will ya?”
Miran: “Fm, why must I show a frightened expression? I don’t have any secret that’s hidden in the darkness, you know?”
Claugh: “You…actually said such a thing with such heinous and dark eyes…DON’T IGNORE ME!”
Miran: “Then, Your Majesty, please make your decision, I’ve said what I wanted to say, but the decision lies with you, Your Majesty.”
23. (Sion talking to Miran before heading off to see Ryner and Ferris)
Miran: “I will offer everything I have for you, Your Majesty. No matter what happens, I’ll ensure your safety, even if it means I’ll have to risk my life…”
Sion: “How reliable. Then, please hurry up and find the mastermind behind this.Then, I’ll slip outside for a moment. I’ll leave the rest to you.”
Miran: “Don’t kid around. Do you understand the situation now…”
Sion: “Are you trying to say that it’s dangerous?”
Miran: “Of course.”
Sion: “But you said it. I’m…not a king who’ll die here like this easily. If it’s a king you’re willing to serve, will he die on his way to greatness? Such a king might as well die, don’t you think?”
Miran: “I understand. Leave the rest to me then.”
Sion: “Ahh, please do so.”
24. (The trio’s discussion at Toale’s home-this scene did not take place in the anime)
Ryner: “No no no, wa, wait a sec, Sion. Why must I be pursued by the ‘Taboo Breaker’ Pursuit Squad!?”
Sion: “Un? Don’t tell me you have no idea why? You used Roland’s magic, escaped from prison, kidnapped a blond beauty and destroyed the sentry gate of a border. Shouldn’t you be pursued?”
Ryner: “Wait…haau…no well…let me ask again, okay? Listen up, listen properly, okay? Why, must, I, be chased, by, the, ‘Ta, boo, Break, er’, Pur, suit, Squad!? I was forced to do a job I didn’t want to do because of you—the unbelievably evil Roland King, and your command! Right? Speaking of which, I moved because of the king’s order. So why are the ‘Taboo Breakers’ after us? Isn’t this weird?”
Sion: “Really? But if I don’t say anything, the members of the ‘Taboo Breaker’ Pursuit Squad will definitely have to chase after the ‘Taboo Breakers’, you know?”
Sion: “Ahh, I see. So I just need to say so, is it? But I often feel that it’s not suitable when you don’t listen to my orders, Ryner…how about this? I’ll let the ‘Taboo Breaker’ Pursuit Squad folks attack you when you’re taking a nap, washing your hands and eating…in that case, you won’t have enough free time alone…how pitiful…then, nn? What’s wrong Ryner? Why are you silent out of a sudden.”
As he saw Sion play dumb, Ryner clutched his head…
Ryner: “Why, why must I know of such a devil…”
Sion: “Fm. So that means you’re willing to become my bodyguard?”
Ryner: “………Ahh I get it now…fine by me.”
Sion: “As expected of my good friend.”
Ryner: “Shut up!”
And then, Sion turned to face Ferris… And Ferris stared at Sion warily.
Ferris: “What is it, you devil? I’m not as easy to deal with as Ryner. If the Taboo Breaker Pursuit Squad chases after us, I’ll kill them off.”
Ferris: “I got it, Ferris. I know that won’t work on you, so I won’t force you.”
Ferris: “Nn. Good decision.”
Sion: “Ahh yes. Speaking of which, the Wynnit dango shop wants to open a branch at the nobles’ residential area…near your house, Ferris…I’m a little troubled…what do you think, Ferris? Or is it that food shops and noble residences don’t match well? Maybe I should refuse them.”
Ferris: “Let’s go, Ryner. What are you hesitating about? Hurry up and be Sion’s bodyguard.”
Ryner: “I, I say, you, why did you immediately fall for his trick? And only at the level of dango at that…”
Ferris: “Nn? Were you thinking of make fun of dango, you bastard?”
Ryner: “I say, wa, wait a sec!! I take that back!! Tha, that’s right, dango’s the most important thing that matters in the country. I, I got it, so please sheath your sword.”
Sion: “Oh my, I’m really blessed to be a king with many subordinates that think of me.”
25. Miran’s response (after Sion calmly talks to him after seeing Count Werias’s mutilated body): “As expected, it’s really great to have you as king. Of course, I just feel it’s really great to be your servant, a master who doesn't say anything even after seeing such a thing. Even though you have a bright light surrounding you…you also have a vast darkness within you. That is why I will serve you with all I have.”
26. Ryner’s thoughts before Miran attacks at the Toale residence I know more than anyone how dangerous I am…
I kept calling Ferris a monster, but I am the real monster…
That’s why I had always intended to avoid people.
I didn’t want to hurt the people I liked or the ones were kind to me…
I…I don’t want to kill them…
27. (Extended Scene-Miran vs. Ryner and Ferris)
Ryner to Miran about Ferris: “Weak? That woman?…Do…you know? That woman really has a horrible personality. Also, she’s very violent, always bullies me, always eats dango, and always shows that that casual emotionless expression. Without that woman, I wouldn’t have to make such a difficult journey…to be honest, I never intended for her to save me at all.”
Miran’s Response: “I see. It seems that you’re the same kind of person as me. I can let you go as long as you don’t get in my way…”
Miran’s response after Ryner punches him: “Nn? What was that just now? Didn’t you hate that woman and want to get away from her? Or is it that you want to fight me no matter what? I don’t think you have a chance of winning…and you should have realized it, right? I can increase the number of shadows infinitely.”
Ryner’s response: “Ahh. I know that. For some reason, you got some unbelievable power. If possible, I hope to give up on such a troublesome thing and run somewhere else to sleep”
Miran: “Nn. Can’t you just run away? That swordswoman is the stupid one for risking her life for others. Other people’s lives will never be as important as oneself's. Just run all you want. I won’t pursue you.” Ryner: “…You really annoy me. It’s better for that woman to remain expressionless all the time, for her not to react whenever anything happens, whenever she eats dango as she watches other people…she has a strength that doesn’t need me to go save…”
Ryner: “…That woman’s not someone who should collapse onto the ground like this! If you beat her so easily, wouldn’t it be shameful for me when I keep getting beat up by her?”
Miran: “Fm, then what do you intend to do?”
Ryner: “I’ll beat you and make the shadows disappear.”
Miran: “You can’t do that”
Ryner: “That’s hard to tell. I won’t know if I don’t try. You’re…using that ring to manipulate the shadows, right?”
Miran (after Ryner reveals he knows he’s using the ring to control the shadows): “…You’re really a scary person. How did you realize that?”
Ryner: “What did you say? Just instinct, that’s all. Whenever you swing the hand, for some reason, my eyes would hurt. I don’t actually understand…but I noticed your hand, and saw that ring. At that moment, I remembered the legend of the Great Emperor ‘Dark Emperor’…”
Ryner speaking clearly with a foreign language: “The life of one in darkness. The night of the dark moon. The night curtain. The pitch black wings. The illusion of darkness. The king of shadows. Wherever he was, in the world, in the distance, he was always surrounded by darkness, covered in the endless universe— That was the legend of the shadow king who covered the world. There were also rumors that he was actually human…as he carried out cruel violence in the world, he was viewed as a demon lord…but this king gave a ring with mysterious ability to his most capable subordinate, which was…The ability to manipulate shadows. After that, the subordinate used that power to kill off important people in opposing countries one by one, and the Dark Emperor’s land expanded. However…when that subordinate was about to kill an important person from a certain country, a knight who was protecting that person sliced off the finger with the ring and stole it, and the Dark Emperor was finally killed by the power of the shadows…the story goes like that, I guess? However, it’s still a mystery how the Dark Emperor had such a mysterious ring and where the ring came from. The manuscript never left these details…but the name of the knight who took that ring became famous as a legendary hero who saved the world, and he’s definitely called…He’s definitely called, yes, Halford Miran.
And then, your name is Miran Froaude…doesn’t that sound similar? Are you a descendant of that Holy Knight Miran…?”
Miran: “…Even if I am, what do you intend to do? The situation hasn’t changed one bit, right? You will die here. There will be no other ending.”
Ryner: “Don’t be so self-obsessed, descendant of the Legendary Hero. When you say that you’re going to kill off all the kids, aren’t you wrecking their dreams?”
Miran: “I’ll kill them before their dreams are destroyed.”
28. Miran: “Fu…fufu…kukuku…I see. You two are really interesting. It would really be a pity to kill you…”
Ryner: “Di~dn’t I say that you can’t kill us?”
Miran: “Maybe. But I will have to kill you one day. You two are too dangerous. If I let the two of you live, you will become an obstacle to my master, a powerful obstacle even Toale Nelphi won’t be able to match…”
Ferris: “Who’s the one controlling you from behind? A noble from Nelpha…I guess not? What are you scheming?”
Miran: “It’s a pity, but I can’t tell you at this point. Looks like I still lack ability in dealing with you two…I’ll retreat for now this time. Ahh, but don’t worry. I won’t take action on Toale-sama. That’s because I have the huge issue of having to kill you two…then, that will be all for today…but we will meet in the near future.”
29. Ryner: “…You’ve worked hard. Leave the rest to me, take a nap for now.”
Ferris: “…Nn. Don’t you dare attack me when I’m asleep…”
Ryner: “OF COURSE I WON’T!!”
30. (Sion and Miran’s meeting in Roland)
Sion: “You did a good job at Nelpha. Why must I dismiss you?”
Miran: “You’re really a weird person.”
Sion: “I don’t want you saying that about me.”
Miran: “…If it were me, I would have definitely dealt with such dangerous talent.”
Sion: “Really? But I intend to use you. My principle is to make use of whatever I can make use of.”
Miran: “That’s right, which is why I can’t become king. Your tolerance is much greater than mine. As long as you need me, I’ll continue to serve you.”
31. Sion’s thoughts about Miran: No matter what kind of demon it was, he would give it his own flesh and blood if they need it. If that’s the way to build a world without wars, madness and where everyone could smile, in order to fulfill the promise he made with her in the distant past. No matter what that price was…
32. Sion’s thoughts: Even though it was indirect…wouldn’t that mean that Sion had to kill Ryner’s group in the end… thinking that it was all just a coincidence. From now on, I must tell Froaude to inform me of whatever he wants to do before he does them.
33. Sion’s thoughts: If the right side is Ryner’s group and the left side is the country… Which will I choose? I won’t let things end up in such a state. I’m not so stupid. No problems.
34. Milk’s Thoughts before Miller appoints her: “Auu…he’s definitely angry…why is that? I definitely brushed my teeth after eating, and I don’t randomly eat stuff at night…ahh, but the cake I ate the last time was really nice. The Callaud family wouldn’t let me eat their sweets to keep me in shape, so it was the first time I ate cake. Ehehe, everyone was really nice to me ever since I came to the dorm of the ‘Taboo Breaker’ Pursuit Squad. Everyone calls me a princess who doesn’t know anything, an immature lieutenant, but they’re all very kind to me.”
Miller: “I feel that this order is too early for you, but this is an order from the higher-ups. You’re assigned to pursue the dangerous ‘Taboo Breakers’ who destroyed the Roland sentry gate.”
Milk: “Pursuing ‘Taboo Breakers’ will mean…ki,killing them, right…? Or capturing them?”
Miller: “Nn. I’ll leave that to you. Watch the opponents. If they can be captured, capture them. if they can’t be captured, eliminate them.”
Miller: “Lieutenant Callaud, the people who escaped the Roland Empire definitely have their reasons to leave. There’s nothing meaningless in this world. But if the secrets of Roland’s magic were revealed to others, it would mean that the Roland Empire’s weakness is revealed to the other countries. That would mean that there’s an opening for the other countries to invade, and a chance for a war to start. If that happens, a lot of people will die…do you understand? The tragedies of war, a large number of people dying meaninglessly; I…don’t want to see that again.”
Miller: “Let me ask you again. Why do you want to know about the history of the ‘Taboo Breakers’? What if they’re worth pitying? Will you pity them and not kill them? Our mission is as such, a dirty job that people don’t want to do. However, it’s a job someone has to do.
Milk: “There’s no need to think any more, I’ve decided. Thank you for your understanding, major, but…it’s fine. That’s because I died once, and came back from the dead!”
Miller: “……What?”
Milk: “I died once before. Uun, when I was bought by the Callaud family, I felt that my heart was dead. However…that boy allowed me to live. He told me not to die. So I lived. That’s why I want to repay that boy…at that time, due to the war, there were deaths all around me……He…may have…died… But, But if he’s alive, he’s definitely in Roland. That’s why I want to protect this Roland he’s in now. I want to protect this Roland where I met him. I want to protect this Roland where you all were protecting without me knowing, Major Miller. I want to protect this Roland where everyone’s smiling, depressed, yet working hard to live in. As long as there are no wars, and that everyone can be relieved of their sadness, it’s alright for me to be a little hurt. That’s why I’ll carry out my mission as part of the ‘Taboo Breaker’ Pursuit Squad with dignity!”
Miller: “Welcome to the ‘Taboo Breaker’ Pursuit Squad. I’m looking forward to your performance in the future.”
Milk: “Yes, I’ll work hard and not fail your expectations!”
Miller: “You may be dismissed. Time to start preparing for your mission.”
Luke about Milk: “Uu…the kid is such a good kid, Miller-sempai.”
Luke (to Miller about Milk): “I understand that, sempai. It’s alright. We’ll definitely not allow that kid to become bad. I’ll bear responsibility. What ya say?”
35. Ferris: “The wound on my back has recovered to an extent where there’re no problems. It could have healed faster for me without that messy treatment of yours…”
Ryner: “Are, are you actually thinking of thanking me…?”
Ferris: “…Why must I thank you no matter what?”
Ryner: “Is that so. That’s good then.”

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