Densetsu no Yusha no Densetsu:Volume 3 Extreme Sleep Disturbance

Quick Facts/Trivia Edit

The corresponding anime episodes of this chapter are seven, eight, nine, and the first few minutes of episode ten. The major points/ differences are listed below in chronological order.

 There are extended scenes for the following events (some are not even featured in the anime or occur in a different order)
1. Milk’s flashback, remembering how Ryner saved her during the battle 2. Claugh and Sion talk at Fiole’s grave before meeting Eslina
3. At first, they lied to her about his cause of death; then Sion tells her the truth—that he had been murdered because he was Sion’s aide. 4. Miran also arrives in this scene—claims Eslina will take revenge against Sion and she should be killed immediately
5. Sion stops him-Eslina goes to live at Calne’s home
6. Once Claugh, Calne, and Eslina are gone, Miran discusses his desire for Sion to invade Nelpha and Estabul because of Gastark’s growing threat
7. At the Nelpha fortress, Ryner and Ferris find all the chests filled with tax evasion documents. The duo encounters Sui and Kuu. Ferris makes up a story about how they are investigators for Nelpha. Hearing this (in the anime) Sui and Kuu leave; however, in the novel, Ferris and Ryner run away from them.
8. Milk remembers more of her past, how Ryner went berserk to save her.
9. In the anime, Sui and Kuu meet the taboo breaker squad when they are having breakfast. In the novel, Lear has brought them—they were promised food in exchange for information. Kuu reveals she knew Ryner and Ferris were lying because of the insignia on their clothes. Luke pays the siblings, and the squad sets out to capture them.
10. Extended fight sequence and dialogue, but the anime captures the essence of the taboo breaker squad and Ryner and Ferris’s meeting—at the end in the novel, though, Luke reveals some shocking details about their squad’s history to Milk (see Moe and Lach Biographies) This is not revealed in the anime.
11. Estabul uprising announced
12. Scene that takes place between Miran and Count Stearead in episode 10 in the garden takes place here instead in a “banquet style setting” in the palace.
13. Noah and Salawell’s scene in the Ancient City, Estabul
14. Scene with Iris and Sion-Iris tells him to cry to relieve stress, but Sion refuses to do so in front of her
15. City of Rankas-Ferris and Ryner are staying at an inn awaiting Sion’s orders
16. Estabul revolt-fairly the same as episode 8 besides extended scenes and dialogue in the novel. Some notable characters and places are as follows:
a. Salawell Seal: used by Miran to betray Estabul
b. Noah Ehn: only princess of Estabul
c. Aose: Estabul camp
d. Suriad: Roland camp
e. Shuss: 17, 18 year old officer with Claugh
f. Claugh’s name “Crimson Fingered Claugh” is revealed here 17. Episode 9 opening scene with Ryner, Ferris and Iris played out. In the novel, however, after this scene Iris and Ferris enjoy a dango feast for days before Iris remembers she had to give them a message about the dragon. She realizes that she’s lost it because all the dango boxes have been thrown out. Ferris tells her to wake up Ryner anyway, so the two of them can head out.
18. Extended fight sequence and dialogue, but fairly the same as the anime. (episode 9 and the beginning of episode 10) notable
difference—instead of hugging Ryner, Ferris acts like her usual self towards him. The scene is more comical than emotional.
19. Sion finds out that Miran has killed the following nobles after the Estabul revolt-Cleaude, Klasbel, Nuble, Galiad, Luxiona, and Berl). Only Stallis remains because Miran is still using him.
20. Not in the anime-scene with Claugh, Sion, and Noa—Sion realizes Claugh is in love with Noa
21. Extra scene with Ryner and Ferris vs. the taboo breaker squad ends the novel (not in the anime). Before the taboo breaker squad attacks, Ferris mentions her famous “four necessities of life”-food, clothing, shelter, and dango.

Quotes Edit

  • Each quote is numbered so that conversations can be grouped together

1. Young Ryner to Milk: “What do you mean ‘what am I talking about’? According to your results, aren’t you still going to die here? Even so, live on! Continue living, don’t think about dying, even though there are many people who will continue dying, don’t be so flighty!”
Milk: “…Fli-flighty…? But I don’t want to see everyone dying…”
Ryner: “…I also don’t…wish to see this. So…”
Ryner: “Do you understand? Grab onto my hand and don’t let go of it!”
2. Sion (standing at Fiole’s grave): “Do you still remember what I told you once? I said… I felt that the people should be equal. I told you that I was going to create a place where there would be no difference in people’s status, where everyone would be equal to each other, a country where there would be no war… I actually told you that, I was so arrogant… Even now, I’m unable to control the nobles of this country! For the sake of escaping from the nobles’ attention, I even couldn’t come for your memorial and your funeral. I could only sneakily slip out to come visit this place. I killed you… It was because I did not have enough power that I caused you to die… I—Just because I am the king, I can't even stand on the same side as you!”
3. Sion to Eslina: “…Your brother always took care of me…”
Eslina: “I’m humbled by that. I’m sure Onii-san will cry into tears of happiness if he knew that His Majesty praised him so. Please don’t reveal that kind of expression. Onii-san… will be sad. …Onii-san was always happy that he was able to serve His Majesty and meet His Majesty. Onii-san wrote me several letters, telling me that he was happy. Even if it was only a letter, I felt happy too. So, please don’t reveal that kind of expression. I will feel sad too. I think Onii-san died, satisfied with his life. He was able to see His Majesty’s dreams, so he was able to die peacefully… So I also want to serve His Majesty. I want to help out with the dream that Onii-san saw.”
Sion: “I was unable to protect Fiole… No, he was murdered and that was my fault. It was not because of any accident. Even so, are you still able to work for me?”
4. Luke: “But aren’t you crying? Where is it that pains you? You can’t withhold this from us. If it is painful, then tell us honestly, that would be…”
Milk: “No, it’s not like that, because… eh… I was very happy that I could be with everyone. I’ve never had this… seating with everyone and talking happily… so…”
5. Milk (telling herself when facing the “unknown” taboo breakers for the first time): You can do this! Yes! Don’t worry, as long as I work hard, this kind of people will be easily dealt with! Don’t worry, as long as I follow how I trained, move with accuracy, no one will be injured- this will be successful!
6. (Meeting Ryner again after many years):“Ah? Don’t you remember me? It’s Milk? It’s me, Milk! It-it can’t be? You-you even forgot about that? That- that promise to we-we-wed when I was brought from the orphanage…”
7. Milk (to her squad): “Ah? I’ve received training in how to dislocate almost all the joints in my body except for my neck.”
8. Milk (to Ryner and Ferris): “Wait!? You two, don’t you feel embarrassed about tying a girl up! Pervert! Release me!! … I should say, please untie me! There are many inconvenient things that a girl has to do! That, for example… toi-toilet issues and the like… Don’t make me say it out loud!!”
9. Ferris: "Yes. Jokes aside… But this situation is not good. Ryner. If you still want to protect these men and this woman that you abandoned, then we cannot fight this number of people. Think of something.”
Ryner: “Ah? What to do!?”
Ferris: “That’s simple. What are you holding now? The Hero’s sword? Then the one who is holding it is a Hero, right? Then you should think of something to do.”
Ryner: “Your logic is twisted. Anyway, I haven’t analyzed this object, how do I know how it works?”
Ferris: “Then analyze it now.”
Ryner: “Where do I have the time in this situation—”
Ferris: “I’ll back you up.”
Ryner: “I – don’t know!! Under this kind of urgent situation, how can I analyze it!!”
Ferris: “What have you done?”
Ryner: “Who knows?”
10. Luke: “Captain Milk. When Major Miller first ordered us to become your personnel, we were a little reluctant. We were Major Miller’s personnel, we were unable to work for other leaders. But after seeing you and talking with you, our views changed. We decided to follow you. From that moment on, we decided to become your family. We think that a squad should be like that. We like you, so we became your subordinates. Because we like to be with you. So we also wish that you will be able to regain what you lost and we wish that you will be happy. We don’t fight for the country. We fight for its people. So that we will be able to save our important people…So, Captain, as long as you think it is right, then do it. We will follow you, like how we trusted Major Miller and followed him. You don’t have to feel troubled over this. If you do something wrong, we will correct you. No matter what happens, we will always be your companions. So you don’t have to feel troubled over what kind of decisions you should make. No matter what happens, you will always be our leader… and then…Everyone can eat together cheerfully and noisily. Because that is family.”
11. Miran to Stearead: “What I said earlier, have you forgotten about it? My beloved king is very gentle to his enemies. He is always thinking of ways to save the foolish nobles. If it were me, I would immediately kill them, unlike that humble person who would continue to let them live. That is why I will destroy those nobles who creep on the ground and I will always follow His Majesty. Give me the payment that I wish for? You can’t do that. What I wish for… can be only accomplished by Sion Astal-sama. Sion Astal-sama who is the real king can fulfill my wish to have a world where the weak and strong can survive. It is only a wish that the ruler of the Menoris Continent can fulfill.”
12. Sion: “I am going to let… Claugh… kill people…”
13. Iris: “Ne ne ne, that that, Iris has always, always been at that pillar and from your chair, and then I came to the ceiling, I’ve been peeking at you, is Sion Onii-san crying? Is he crying?”
Iris: “Yes! Because Sion Onii-san is extremely fun! Although it was only written in story books, but that face meant that you wanted to cry, right!? This is Iris’s first time seeing it! Because, because Ferris Onee-sama never cries, Lucile Onii-sama says doesn’t cry, his smiling face is scary…”
Iris: “Ai? You’re not crying? Iris was waiting here in anticipation. When are you going to cry?”
Sion: “Do you want me to cry?”
Iris: “Yes! Because, if you cry, st…st… that, anyway, that pressure something will be gone, it’s like you’ll be more energetic, that’s what Onee-chan and I read from a book!”
Sion: “It’s stress… But, really, I’m defeated by you. Now, listen carefully, men wouldn’t cry when they are seen by someone else.”
Iris: “Ai!? Is that so!? Then, Iris stopped you from crying?”
Sion: “Ai? No, I wasn’t going to cry…”
14. Salawell: “No. I only wanted to protect you, I wanted to protect you whom I have watched grow up… that kind of feeling is one of my reasons. But the other reason is, thinking for the people of Estabul after today. If we lose to them like this, what will happen to the people of Estabul after this? They will be ravaged, invaded, and if they are tired of this, they will be killed… that is the fate of a country that has lost. I am only thinking of a way to save them…”
Noa: “…Is that so. Until the end, I was only a marionette monarch that was carried to the throne by someone else. No matter what, I was still… unable to save anyone…”
Noa: “I feel… happy. That I am surrounded by this many people who are concerned for Estabul… But, Salawell… and everyone, please continue to live. As long as you live, there will always be something that you can do. If you are dead, then everything has ended. Even if Roland forces us to shame, as long as we live, there is something that we can do. There will always be a method for happiness. Estabul…”
15. Noa: “Ahh… Why did this happen… I’m really foolish… There were clearly many hints. Those Estabul soldiers were ambushed by Roland every time. If only I had noticed. Or maybe it was when Salawell, the moment when you spoke about using the people as hostages, if I had found out at that moment… Or maybe, towards that monster…. That, noticing our escape… but letting us run away… Seeing this truth if I…”
Salawell: “No, no. You aren’t foolish, Princess. You merely trusted me. Even if you notice that there is something odd, you would purposefully ignore it. I… I who have been serving you since you were young, could not do something like this. Yes, didn’t you think so?”
Noa: “Even so! I, still want to create that kind of country! Even if it is only pretty words… Even if behind some people’s smiles, there will be some people crying… This wish, can’t it be fulfilled!?”
Salawell: “No, wishes are for free. This kind of fool will die in the end, I, who will survive, will become the hero to save this country. That’s all. Then alright, it’s about time…”
16. Noa: “You say hero? Roland’s hero!? A hero who does something like this!? You’re saying that someone who plays with others' thoughts, in the end mocking them, that is the way how the Hero King of Roland, Sion Astal acts?”
Miran: “…That’s not it. The one who does these things… is not a hero. My King would not do this. These are my own actions. And I have mentioned this to the king… but I was rejected by him. But, although I do not wish to use Salawell-san’s words, beautiful things cannot move this country… This is the truth too. So, there is a need for people like me. Your Highness, a country where people can smile and live… that wish… I don’t hate it. I don’t hate people like you, too. If I were the officer or commoner of Estabul, I would choose you as king. But…”
Claugh: “You bastard, don’t joke around. Or did you want to say that you were the main conspirator for this rebellion?”
Miran: “I’ve really lost to you. Major-General Klom. I didn’t think that you would reach here that quickly… How is the situation outside?”
Claugh: “…That’s right. Sion really doesn’t need you. When I first saw you that was what I thought. You will make Sion turn strange.”
Miran: “Truly, there is no need for anyone to have the right to remain by Astal-sama’s side. But that lord is already the king. When he first became the king, he was already no longer human. He became a person who has to calculate the lives of people, the numbers and importance of the side. Now, killing the hostages of Roland and Estabul. Maybe not long after, Estabul and Roland will have casualties of tens of thousands of people, if it is this kind of choice, he will kill without hesitation. The road Astal-sama is walking down is like this… so in order to protect this path, I will kill Noa Ehn-sama and all of the hostages. If you want to hinder all of this, I will kill you too without hesitation.”
Claugh: “Do you think you can do that?”
Miran: “This… is very simple.”
17. Noa: “Major Froaude. If you have to kill the hostages so that Estabul can be integrated with Roland… then let me convince them. I, for the sake of the commoners and soldiers of Estabul, can completely assist Roland, to persuade them… Don’t you think that this is a more effective way in allowing Estabul to integrate with Roland?”
Noa: “It doesn’t matter. If you wish, you can even kill me after that. So… so please don’t fight.”
Miran: “…Ahh, I see. Indeed… you are an extremely clever person… it’s like that. Alright. Then, I will stop now. If I continue there will be more meaningless sacrifices. I will have to quickly allow those attacking soldiers to retreat immediately.”
18. Ryner to Iris: “Alright, alright. Can you not hit me every time you appear?”
Iris: “Ahh!? No, don’t touch Iris! If I am touched by Beast-san, in the end I will…”
Ryner: “Fine, fine. It’s that again, right? Ferris told you something like if I talked to you, you would get pregnant or if you were touched by me, you would be pregnant, something like that? Something foolish like that cannot happen so you can relax.”
Ferris: “Eh. Grabbing my sister’s wrist…”
Ryner: “Although this might be too much, but I have to make it clear that I definitely wasn’t thinking of doing something of kidnapping young girls, making them pregnant or anything of the sort? …Or I should say, I feel that I am very scary as recently, I actually am able to slowly interpret your emotionless expressions…”
Iris: “Ah! It’s Oneee-saaaaan!”
Ferris: “It’s really good that you came, Iris. How was your journey?”
Iris:“Yes! So that I would be able to see Onee-san, I came to her quickly!!”
19. Sion’s Letter to Ryner and Ferris: The people living on the fringes of the forest where the dragon was grown, although this is unbelievable, they have been killed by someone. Then, the dragon seems to have disappeared. There seems to be something dangerous, living near there. About the Heroes’ Relic, give it up. Don’t approach that forest.
20. Sui: “Yes. Eh, where should I start from. Simply said would be like this. The reason why we went to that fortress, was actually the same as you, if I say that, you should understand that better?”
Ryner: “You were finding ‘Heroes’ Relics’, do you mean that?”
Sui: “?... Ah. Oh, so you Roland people call those Heroes’ Relics. I see, this calling method is a little strange. But, it’s that meaning. But, there were none in that fortress… Rhule Fragmei… Ah, no, according to your terminology it should be Heroes’ Relics. At that moment, we eavesdropped on your conversation, Ryner-san seemed to have some leads to where the Heroes’ Relic was… so…”
Ryner: “So you deliberately let us move… allowing us to find the relic… is that so?”
Sui: “It’s like that. Like what I thought, you found it, and you threw that thing here for us to take, my gratitude to you cannot be expressed.”
Ryner: “…I can’t laugh at all…”
Sui: “Ah, I apologise. You have been used, so of course you can’t laugh out.”
Ryner: “I’m not referring to that! You… killed almost… all of the people who saw the dragon growing here… so that they would not speak of it… so that there would not be an increase in the people who knew about the existence of the relic…”
Sui: “Ai? So you were angry over that? Didn’t you do something like that? So that you would be able to possess this unknown power, let it belong to yourself. If others knew, then we can only kill…”
Ryner: “Shut up.”
Sui: “No, even if you want me to shut up… it is too late. I said it would be alright if I told you this, that’s because you will be silenced by us. You heard my story from the start to the ending, so, you have to die.”
Ryner:“You say… silenced? Do you always do this, always kill people? You people, are always like that…”
Ferris: “Who are you? Why did you start to collect the Heroes’ Relics?”
Sui: “Ah, so you plan to continue living, so you would ask this…”
Ferris: “No, actually I don’t have to ask anymore. I already knew what country you were from since the start.”
21. Ferris: “Hey, even if my beauty dazzles you, I think that picking this time to do such indecent things, does your brain have a problem?”
Ryner: “…I say, you, fighting with that person, you still have the time to joke?”
Ferris: “Yes, it’s if you didn’t help just now, I would have died.
22. Ryner: I’ll use fire magic to cover you, and think of a way for you to break the formation, is that fine?”
Sui: “Then, have you decided on how you will attack?”
Ryner: “Ah, yes, we suppose so.”
Sui: “That’s great. It’s rare that there is “Alpha Stigma”, this is a precious thing. I cannot miss this, I have to crystallize it, then grab it.”
Ryner: “Ah? Wait, wait a moment. Crystallize? What is that… You, towards these eyes… “Alpha Stigma” what do you know?”
Sui: “Strange, you’re clearly a bearer of “Alpha Stigma”, but you don’t seem to understand the situation you are in? Then, what about this?”
Sui: “Heh…Kuu, they, seem to know nothing.”
Kuu: “…Right.”
Sui: “But they don’t even know this Rhule Fragmei and threw it here carelessly, that’s not odd.”
Kuu: “…Right.”
Sui: “Then, let me give you something good to see. That is the method to use the relic that you threw aside. The relic that is the kind of ‘changing state’…”
Sui: “This is the true method of how to use it. It can according to the user’s thoughts, become a weapon to burn the opponent. But, the ground has no thoughts, so the dragon that grew on the ground was completely harmless. Alright, let us start. Ah, let me say first, apart from this, I can use a weapon that is stronger that Kuu’s Ailecrono’s Scythe, that was what I had planned.”
23. Ferris: “Damnit. Our chances of winning… are nil. Retreat.”
Ryner: “…”
Ferris: “Ryner.”
Ryner: “…I know!”
24. Sui: “I wouldn’t let you escape. Especially, I definitely wouldn’t let Ryner-san you… Alright, I should crystallize the “Alpha Stigma…Resonate.”
Ferris: “You, what have you done to Ryner?”
Sui: “Ha ha. I only let it crystallize. If he does not awaken, it’ll be impossible to get the crystal.”
Ferris: “Awaken? What do you mean?”
Sui: “You don’t mean you don’t know? The reason why “Alpha Stigma” are cursed and hated by people… Mad devils… Cursed killers.”
25. Ryner: “U, uah… Fe…Ferris…escape…quickly…Leave…I…don’t, don’t see… this… I … monster… will… kill… you… I… don’t……want………ah……”
Voice inside head: People died.
But everything was meaningless.
Let everything end.
Everything of everything.
Just like he wished.
Release everything. Open. Kill. Everything. Kill everything in front of his eyes…
Ryner: “Ah, ahahah”
Sui: “Confirmation that the bearer has lost control. Awakened.”
Ferris: “You guys, what have you done to Ryner?”
Sui: “Ryner-san no longer exists in this world. Once “Alpha Stigma” loses control, all of their humanity will be erased. He will no longer be returning. Following this, he will destroy everything in his surroundings as if he were mad. But, before that we will kill him and obtain the crystals…”
Sui: “That’s useless. We have already a few experiences of hunting “Alpha Stigma”. This mere power, as long as I use the Rhule Fragmei I have… Elemio’s Comb that has the god’s power can neutralize it completely.”

26. Ryner possessed by the power of the Alpha Stigma: “Analysing existence. Disappear, ant.”
Sui: “What, what exactly is that, this guy. He isn’t a normal “Alpha Stigma” bearer? That power just now… and that voice just now. What was he saying! Completely different from other people…”

Ryner possessed by the power of the Alpha Stigma: “Kill me? With that magnitude of power? Kill me? You will kill me with the mere power of Elemio’s Comb? The ants crawling on the ground, actually said they would kill me? Ha, hahaha, hahahahaha. Disappear. Disappear, disappear. Let everything end. Nothingness. Return to nothing.” 

Sui: “Quick, escape quickly, Kuu! That, that isn’t “Alpha Stigma”! That, that is…”

27. Ryner possessed by the power of the Alpha Stigma: “Even if you escape to other places, everything will turn to nothingness. α is destruction. Thou dost not create anything, dost not benefit anything, dost not save anything. Only destroy, return everything to pureness.”
Ferris: “Hey, you, who are you?”

Ryner possessed by the power of the Alpha Stigma: “Ha, haha. God, Devil. Demon. Hero. Monster. Whatever you call me. Anyway you will disappear too.”
Ferris (complete conversation with the possessed Ryner): “…Eh, Sui seemed to be surprised. About the matter of you not being a simple bearer of “Alpha Stigma”. But this is not surprising. That’s right. You aren’t a simple bearer of “Alpha Stigma”. I knew this from the beginning. Because you… aren’t that kind of monster, but you are an even more evil, legendary pervert. And apart from being a pervert, you are a lazy useless fool.
…I didn’t tell you before, I read a page of the report that you wrote when Sion showed it to me. On it, this was clearly written. I hate people dying. I hate killing people. I don’t want to cry, or be made to cry. How does it feel to be unable to choose one's own life? The feeling of losing family? The feeling of losing loved ones…
When I read that, I felt that the person who wrote that was a fool. Saying you hate people dying? Saying that you hate people dying, hate killing people? That kind of slack person who felt tired of people’s births or deaths, and you who are a coward…Someone like you cannot kill me. That's what I think.
Hey, Ryner… you wanted to move forward, didn't you? Aren’t you tired of being called a monster by people? Don’t you hate killing people? I have already dodged five of your attacks. But, the next time I will not dodge. What follows next will be up to your decision. I don't think you are a monster.
Can you hear me? You are not a monster.
You are my partner, slave, my friend who drinks tea with me. Not a monster. Can you hear me? Ryner. Can you hear me, Ryner!!”

Ryner possessed by the power of the Alpha Stigma: “You, you guys…”
Ryner: “Damn…Damnit… Shut, shut up… the time for you to appear, has already, ended… I’m sorry… Ferris. Can you shut… my eyes…?”
Ryner: “…I… in the end I still wanted to kill you… Ha ha. This is who I am. A monster that everyone hates and curses… Apart from killing people, a monster who can do nothing else. But, I already, don’t want to kill the people that I know. So, this journey, shall end here. You can return to Roland. As long as you explain your reasons, Sion will not blame you.”
Ferris: A coward who cannot kill a woman, calling yourself a monster? Don’t joke around.”
Ferris: “……… I’m glad you’re back.”
Ryner: “…Yeah. I’m back.”
28. Miran: “Baron Stallis had decided to support me before the war. He can still be used. But traitors will be traitors. One day, he will be killed.”
Sion: “You would kill him after you have finished using him?”
Miran: “Can’t I do that? If he continues to live, he will eventually do harm to Your Majesty. He might even kill someone important to His Majesty. Someone like Fiole Folkal.”
Miran: You really are the true king that I have always wished for.”
Sion: “…What does that mean?”
Miran: “… Nothing…”

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