Croselli is a character in episode 2 voiced by Katsumi Tyo.


He is the butler/steward of the Iris Family household.


He is an elderly man who dresses in a black Western style suit.


He is extremely loyal and devoted to the Eris family. His abilities are so profound that Ryner is the first non-house member who detected his presence.


DYD Vol. 6Edit

After receiving Ryner, he openly tells him about Ferris’s past and insists that she now is free because she has people like Sion and Ryner to depend on. After an unexpected interruption, he watches as Iris, Arua and Kuku play a light “game” with Ryner.

DYD Vol. 7Edit

When Ryner Lute disappears, Croselli is on standby with Ferris. When Eslina Folkal brings news about Ryner’s whereabouts, Ferris orders Croselli to get her a map. He immediately produces one; she looks at the route Ryner is taking to Estabul and sets out herself. Once she leaves, Croselli thanks Eslina for relieving Ferris’s worries.