A village located in the Eastern region of Estabul.


DYD Vol. 6Edit

It is first mentioned in this novel. Namhen brings word that all of the villagers were killed by an “Alpha Stigma bearer”. Claugh realizes who he is and sets out to the village.

DYD Vol. 7Edit

Claugh, along with Bayuuz White and Shuss Shirazz, arrives with the combined Roland and Estabul armies to face Tiir Rumibul. First, Shuss manages to win over the Estabul troops with the mock fight he has with Bayuuz White.

After viewing some of the corpses in the village, they then ascertain that no one is alive. To draw Tiir out, they set fire to the village and wait outside with the troops. Tiir then comes out; he easily defeats Claugh. Before Claugh is killed, his men rally under Bayuuz White, and they get to safety.

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