He is a colonel in the Estabul army and appears in DYD Vol. 6.


When Claugh meets him, he assumes White is about 25 years old with wavy tea colored hair and brown eyes. He’s tall, but he is not as tall as Claugh. “Creased brow. His mouth crooked in sarcasm... and with a repulsed expression…” (DYD Vol. 7 Chapter 5)


In their first meeting, Claugh realizes that White has the ability to inspire obedience and admiration from his subordinates. White also has great respect for Princess Noa; he feels that Claugh is unworthy of her, often referring to him as “maggot” and “insect”. This often leads to countless light bantering between both of them.

He also has the ability to make advanced tactical and strategic plans as evidenced when he almost defeated Claugh during the “test”.


DYD Vol. 6Edit

He meets Claugh when he arrives at the interviews Claugh is holding to induct military personnel. At first, he’s skeptical about Claugh’s offer, but then he claims that he can defeat Claugh if they only use physical strength in a fight. However, during the test, Claugh realizes that he fell into a “worded” trap. He acknowledges White’s tactical skills (tricking is also a basis of fighting) and offers shim a post in the Roland army. Suddenly, White’s subordinate Pasuur runs in, fearfully yelling at White about “that person”. White instructs him to calm down; he and Claugh then listen to his whole story. Claugh realizes who the person is and offers to fight him. White looks at him with a mixture of wonder and scorn, stating if Claugh can defeat him, they will follow him forever.



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