She is the only daughter of the king of Runa, and she first appears in DYD Vol. 5.


She is an unbelievably pale-skinned beautiful woman, known as the famous beautiful princess of Runa. Her skin is really a pale white. It is a kind of sickly white, and it made people suspect if she ever went outside before. The pale skin is matched with her graceful, elegant appearance. She wears a fire-red amulet hung around her slim neck.


She is a soft spoken, shy young girl who acts in her father’s stead when he is away. Furthermore, Miran gently comments that like all women, she is unaware of political matters.


DYD Vol. 5Edit

Miran meets her when he goes to Runa on Sion’s behalf. Although he had expected to meet the king, he meets Anna instead. They talk courteously, and although she is unable to tell him more about her father’s whereabouts, she invites him to stay for dinner to which Miran agrees.



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